How To Win A Wet T-Shirt Contest

The easiest way to win a wet t-shirt contest? Have really big boobs. You don’t have big boobs? Lucky for you – they’re pretty easily available for purchase these days. But, if that isn’t a practical option, here’s some other things you can do to shine: 1. Tie & Rip Your Shirt For most wet [...]


Exercise Induced Orgasms – Myth or Reality?

You down with EIO? Yeah, you know me! EIO stands for “Exercise Induced Orgasms” and if you can think of a better reason to exercise, I’d like to know about it. Still, when most people hear about EIO for the first time, they automatically think it’s a myth. However, Exercise Induced Orgasms are very real [...]

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5 Old School Musicians People Still Make Love To

Lots of people use music in order to set a certain mood. For example, if you were having a formal dinner party, you might play some soothing classical music or light jazz. On the other hand, if you were setting up a dungeon where you would torture puppies, you might want to play some Katy [...]


How To Throw A Swinger Party

Have you ever met a swinger? They’re smooth. They’re the kids from “Weird Science” after they met Kelly LeBrock. The guys are like “Cool Hand Luke” before he was considered cool and the girls are as open as a 24-hour 7-eleven. Does that sound like the lifestyle for you? If so, we’ve come up with [...]

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5 Positions From The Kama Sutra That Will Change Your Life

There are a few things you should know about the Kama Sutra. Firstly. it was written by Vātsyāyana, a Hindu philosopher. Secondly, the Kama Sutra is considered to be the go-to manual on sexual behavior. Although the Kama Sutra is full of practical advice for relationships and love, we’ve compiled a list of some great [...]


5 Things You Should Do Before Going Down On A Man

Women get ready for everything. Whether it’s going out for the night or going into work, ladies definitely need their prep time. So, it should come as no surprise that there is a list of things women should do before giving head. Here is a very important list women should pay attention to. 1. Have [...]