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5 Ways To Enhance Your Penis

No matter how large (or small) your penis is, if you’re like most men, chances are you’ve thought about ways to make it look bigger. Well, before countless pills flooded the market promising to add inches to your manhood, there were a few more “traditional” ways you could try and some length to your member. [...]

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5 Secrets About Men Sex Ed Didn’t Teach You

Did you know that a recent survey by the CDC indicates that by high school 47% of students say they’ve had sex? However, even though nearly half of all high school students are sexually active, only 22 states in the US are required to teach sex education. Of those states, only 19 require that the [...]

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5 Reasons to Date an Older Woman

Dating an older woman can be daunting for a first-timer. As open-minded as you think you are, concerns about your friend’s and family’s opinions, or glances from people in public, and trepidation over why she’s still single will naturally arise. However, if you find the right older woman, these fears, and others, should disappear once [...]


5 Things He Wants To Hear In Bed

Some guys like talkers, some really, really don’t. If you’ve gotten away with a few random statements here and there, you likely have a man on your hands who wants to hear more. You’re in luck! Successfully talking during sex can be one of the most intimate, fun, and memorable experiences you can have. Try [...]

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9 Best Places to Have Casual Sex

  Everyone’s sex life can use a new venue or two. Dodge bedroom bore by experimenting with fooling around in some new-fangled places. Getting it on out of the bedroom will make for some memories neither of you are likely to forget. Here are the 9 best places to have casual sex !   1. [...]


4 Foods To Improve Your SexLife

A good diet can not only improve your health, but it can have a positive effect on your sex life as well. That’s why we’ve come up with a short list of foods to improve your sex life . Seafood You’ve heard that oysters are an aphrodisiac, but did you know that other seafood like [...]

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5 Exercises That Make Sex Better

Sure, there are a bunch of ways to make sex “better”. You can bring toys into the bedroom, have a threesome or even take a pill. But one of the simplest ways to improve your sex life is through exercise. Check out this list of exercises that will surely improve your performance the next time [...]