5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Sex Life

There are tons of people who feel horrible once their sex life hits a rough patch, but there is no need to feel that way as there are tons of ways to bring your sex life back to life. In fact, there have been numerous of sex books that have been published over the years with really helpful information. There are some issues that can be easily fixed as well as there are some issues that take a bit more time to completely fix. Here are 5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Sex Life that you can start implementing right away:

1. Sexy Lingerie: Introducing sex lingerie or even silky boxers into the bedroom will definitely help bring a bit of spice into the bedroom. It shows that you are putting effort in making yourself look stunning and exciting. You are showing that you can still look hot and lustful even after years of being with one another.

2. Talk About Sex: Communicating about what you enjoy and don’t enjoy about sex is what makes the sex better. You both learn about each other’s fantasies, turn ons and much more. When people come to a sour patch in their sex life they tend not to speak about. This is the time to speak up and talk about sex as this is the only way you will be able to figure out what is wrong and solve it.

3. Plan New Sex Adventures: Planning a certain day and time to have sex is not fun as it becomes a routine and chore. That is not what you want your sex life to be. Instead plan to have a new sexy experience that you both want to try out. It can be tying each other up, introducing sex toys or trying new positions.

4. Sex Should Be At Least 20 Minutes Long: When it comes to sex most women need more time to reach climax and that is usually after 20 minutes or so. Don’t put in your mind that you need to have a time limit or start watching the time to make sure you reach 20 minutes, because that would simply ruin the mood. Just try your best to achieve this goal and work on improving the time each and every time you have sex. The 20 minutes time frame is only applies to the actual intercourse part and does not include foreplay as that is additional time.

5. Introduce Role Play: Many couples feel embarrassed or silly when they are asked to become a part of role playing. You don’t have to be a great actress or actor to enjoy role playing. The point of it is to pretend to be someone else and experience sex through someone else’s life. Try roles that are easy to act out such as doctors and nurses, cops and robbers or school girl and principle.

If you are having a bit of trouble in the bedroom, then you should definitely look into implementing these easy ways into your sex life. For your reading enjoyment take a look at Cara Delevingne Sexy Magazine Cover Photos and enjoy!

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