How To Win A Wet T-Shirt Contest

The easiest way to win a wet t-shirt contest? Have really big boobs. You don’t have big boobs? Lucky for you – they’re pretty easily available for purchase these days. But, if that isn’t a practical option, here’s some other things you can do to shine:

1. Tie & Rip Your Shirt

For most wet t-shirt contests, the MC will hand all the contestants an oversized white shirt. Giant shirts aren’t sexy. Tie it up under your girls, tear the sleeves off, rip it down the middle to show off some cleavage. Do something to it to show off your figure under the circus tent-sized poncho you’ll be draped in.

2. Make an O-Face

Once the contest starts, remember your face when splashed with water. It’s probably going to be cold. Go for an O-face, not a  wince in the freezing cold splash.

3. Use Props

There’s gotta be a hose or a pitcher or some other method for dousing contestants. Take control of it! Just make sure you don’t slip and fall while doing so. And during the crowd judging, feel free to rip off that shirt entirely and cover up the twins with a classic hand bra to really hype up the crowd.

4. Bounce

Once your covered in water bounce your breasts , toss your hair and sway your hips. Get sexy & throw in a twerk or two.

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