10 Of The Strangest Sex Laws World Wide

You would think that as the world has developed over the pass hundred years or so that the laws would change as well. There are tons of laws in certain states and countries that are extremely ridiculous, yet the law books still keep them in the books, but they do not enforce half of them. There are even a few laws that have to deal with sex that are pretty damn strange as well. The sex laws that you are about to read are in fact real and unfortunately are not good news for those who live in the places where some of these laws are in fact enforced.

10 Of The Strangest Sex Laws World Wide:

Strange Sex Law #1:

In Hong Kong, China, a wife has permission to kill her husband if he cheats on her. The catch is she has to do it with her bare hands, but the mistress can be killed in any manner that the wife feels up too.

Strange Sex Law #2:

In Bahrain, male doctors are allowed to examine a woman’s genitals, but only by using a mirror to see a reflection of it. It is illegal for the male doctor to look directly at the woman’s private parts.

Strange Sex Law #3:

In Sioux Falls, South Dakota, if a couple rents a room in a hotel room the room comes with two twin beds. The twin beds most always be two feet apart when the room is being rented for one night. The floor space between the beds cannot be used to have intercourse either.

Strange Sex Law #4:

In Alexandria, Minnesota, it is illegal for a husband to have sex with his wife if his breath smells of sardines, garlic or onions. By law he has to brush his teeth before the act of sex can be performed.

Strange Sex Law #5:

In Newcastle, Wyoming, it is illegal for couples to have sex in a store’s walk-in meat freezer.

Strange Sex Law #6:

In Indonesia, it is illegal to masturbate and if you get caught the penalty is decapitation.

Strange Sex Law #7:

In Nevada, it is illegal to have sex without using a condom.

Strange Sex Law #8:

In Romboch, Virginia, it is illegal to perform sex or a sexual activity with the lights on.

Strange Sex Law #9:

In Wisconsin, Washington D.C., Vermont, Utah, Tennessee, South Dakota, Oregon, Oklahoma, Ohio, New York, Nevada, Nebraska, Mississippi, Massachusetts, Indiana, Idaho, Florida and Arizona, it is illegal for a man to have a visible erection that show’s through his clothing.

Strange Sex Law #10:

In Cali, Colombia, a woman can only have sex with her husband and for the first time of this sexual act her own mother has to be in the room to witness the sexual act.

Aren’t these sex laws strange? Imagine if you have to live in a state that still enforces some of these ridiculous laws. It surely must be a nightmare for some and for others they are lucky if their state or country has forgotten about some of these laws. Make sure you read about the 5 Things Men Want During Sex.

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