5 Things Men Really Want In Bed

Have you ever wonder what your partner really wants when it comes to the bedroom? Of course you have! It’s only normal to wonder and be curious about what goes on in your partner’s head while you both are doing it. There have been tons of surveys performed by many companies to see what are the biggest turn-ons, desires and sexual fantasies when it comes to men and women. We are only going to talk about men during today and on another day you will get to see what women really want. Ladies, have you wondered what do men really want in bed? I am sure you have, so lets take a look at what they really want together. Here is the 5 Things Men Really Want In Bed:

1. Men highly favor the cowgirl position when it comes down to getting it on. They enjoy having a woman on top rocking back and forth on their private. Lets not forget the good old bouncing up and down motion where they truly enjoy watching a woman’s breast bounce up and down.

2. The number one fantasy of men is that they would love to have sex with more than one woman at a time. This is their biggest fantasy and only a small percentage of men are able to make this fantasy come true. They love the fact of double the fun of breasts and vaginas.

3. When it comes to sexual experiments reports say that men truly enjoy watching their woman masturbate. There is something extremely erotic for the man to watch his woman pleasure herself.

4. Everyone has their favorite part about the whole sexual experience, but what men like is making sure their woman has an orgasm. It is very important for men to make their female orgasm, because when they do this they know they have satisfied their woman to the fullest.

5. A favorite spot that men enjoy having sex at is anywhere outdoors. They love the thrill of being outside and maybe getting caught by strangers. It’s all about the excitement, arousal and good old fashion sexing that makes getting it on outdoors great.

These are the things that men enjoy the most when it comes to sex. Sex is truly about having a good time, experimenting with new positions and styles and being safe about it all. It’s important to discuss what you both want out of your sex life and if you do this, then you will be able to make your sex life extraordinary. Take a look at the 5 Guys Women Should Have Sex With In College.

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