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How do you know that it’s time to walk away, even when your heart wants to stay put? – Kardashian vs Humphries

Knowing something and feeling something are two completely different experiences. Even the Bible speaks of the heart as a traitor. Why is that? Well, the way I see it, my heart is never in sync with my body or mind. For example; my heart may want to go to the beach, but my body and mind would rather stay home and be a couch potato on a Sunday morning. This scenario also happens in your romantic life, whether you’re in love or not. [Read more...]

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It just so happens that particular search engine that has been dominating the world wide web members in the past few years. Google.Com has absolutely been taking over in every section. Google’s new domination is in online media networks to which they developed GOOGLE+. It is the most innovated online media website out at this moment and the best part is that you can now follow your favorite adult hook up site.

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XXX, Ex-wife’s, Ex-girlfriends, Ex-Lovers – Taylor Swift’s Way To Cope

Unless you’re a baby still in the womb, you have probably had an ex. Whether we currently hold the title or someone else does, in whichever case once you become an ex you’re placed into a category. Some people are tougher than others. There are those who are actually nice and with whom you can remain friends. Then there are those you find you cannot even associate with outside of the relationship. In the end, we have all experienced the wrath of a bitterly ended relationship at some point.  [Read more...]

Cheating, The Lies They Tell To Cover Their Guilty Pleasures – Sandra Bullock, Elin Woods and Fergie

The first year in any relationship is known as “The Honeymoon Stage.” Not only for those who are married, but also for those who just choose to date. When I sit down and analyze the details of my history, I can honestly say that it has not been full of bliss. Am not sure if that was Sandra Bullock’s, Elin Woods & Fergie’s situation, but it certainly was mine. We are constantly bombarded with lies, deceit and plain old cheaters. Nonetheless, every day grants us the opportunity for a new beginning. Sandra Bullock is living proof of that, she went and got herself a baby. What better way to move on than that?  [Read more...]