5 Reasons to Date an Older Woman

date an older woman

date an older womanDating an older woman can be daunting for a first-timer. As open-minded as you think you are, concerns about your friend’s and family’s opinions, or glances from people in public, and trepidation over why she’s still single will naturally arise. However, if you find the right older woman, these fears, and others, should disappear once you realize the benefits of her life experience.

 Reasons To Date An Older Woman

1. Bedroom Expertise
Remember your first time? A lot of awkward fumbling that was more than likely even embarrassing? Well the funny thing about experience is, the more you have of it, the better you are at something. Same goes for sex. Older women aren’t shy, they know how to be discreet, they know what they want and, chances are, they know a lot more about what youwant. Never underestimate the power of the ‘been there, hit that.’

More Mature Dating Style

2. Experience Outside the Bedroom
Life isn’t all about sex. The right older woman has traveled, dined, patronized the arts, and cultivated her mind more than her younger counterparts. You can learn from her wealth of knowledge. She will show you a whole new world of interests, hobbies, book smarts and appreciation for the finer things, which you never knew existed.

3. Been There, Played That
By dating an older woman there’s a better chance you won’t have to play the tiring, boring and maddening games which girls your own age play. She won’t stalk your ex on Facebook, she’s mature enough not to flirt shamelessly with your best friend just to enrage you, and she won’t tell you she’s pregnant when she isn’t.

4. Kids Aren’t an Issue
If MILFs are your thing, dating an older Mom will ensure that you get more of her time and energy. If the idea of a woman with kids is a huge turnoff, an older woman who doesn’t have children likely won’t be having any.

5. Freedom

An older woman will have a life outside of you. Younger girls are needy and clingy. An older, single woman has had to forge for herself at some point, which means she’s built her own life and won’t need your constant attention to keep her happy. This leaves you open to live your own life. You’ll be able to go places alone, and have experiences that just wouldn’t have been the same with a whiny girlfriend on your arm.

5 Things He Wants To Hear In Bed

Some guys like talkers, some really, really don’t. If you’ve gotten away with a few random statements here and there, you likely have a man on your hands who wants to hear more. You’re in luck! Successfully talking during sex can be one of the most intimate, fun, and memorable experiences you can have. Try new things, and add a couple staple sex slogans, and you’re sure to keep him smiling.


What To Do

A guy might have mad chops in the bedroom, but that doesn’t mean he can’t use a pointer or three here and there. Every woman is different, and he wants you to be different, so tell him all of the out-of-the-ordinary things you want him to do, and see where it gets the two of you.



It might happen early in the sexual encounter or later, but it’s always hot to let him get a little rough with you. Tell him you want it harder, but make sure you make eye contact the whole time: it will be hotter for you both, and your facial expressions will be cues to pull back or go further still.


You’re Climaxing

Telling a guy you’re about have an orgasm is one of the hottest thing you can say during sex. Preface it with “Don’t stop.” Never fake it, however. Once you go down the When-Harry-Met-Sally café scene road, he’ll never try harder to actually get you there, and you’ll be relegated to an unsatisfying sex life for the duration of your relationship. Worse yet, if he finds out you faked it, you’ll lose his trust.


How Good He Feels

He wants to hear how big he is, how well he fills you up, how good he does you and how much you want to feel him cum. The list goes on, but it will be more exciting if you wing it. Be genuine, and try to avoid clichés.


A Religious Experience

Whether you’re yelling out “OH GOD!” or “OH Allah!” or ‘OH logic, evidence, and physical matter in a biological configuration!” never underestimate the satisfaction he will derive from giving you an orgasm so powerful that you’re calling out to the fates (or lack thereof).

5 Things He Wants You to Do In Bed

Men often have secret fantasies they want to share with you, but can’t. They’re mostly worried you’ll be offended, or think them weird or disrespectful. Some of these secret desires might actually be offensive, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? Taking a few little risks can open up a whole new world of intimacy and satisfaction.

Touch Yourself

Science tells us men are most aroused from visual cues, so touching yourself in front of him will get him going faster than anything. Pleasuring yourself during sex serves a dual purpose. It’s a huge turn-on for him, and will get you to climax faster.

Find His White Whale

Every man has a secret, strange turn-on. Some guys will go their whole lives without ever getting it in real life. For some, thankfully, this huge turn-on isn’t so unattainable. He might love it when you’re rough with his nipples. There might be a seriously sensitive spot down there that even the littlest stroke will excite. Ask him if you can spit in his mouth while you’re riding him, or venture a finger into a new region, and see where it takes you.

Get Bad

It might sound really intimidating to ask a guy, right in the middle of sex, to slap you across the face, but a serious spanking over his knee could be worth it in how turned on and empowered he will feel. Let him really go at it, you might be surprised how liberating the pain of a real spanking can be for you, too.


Don’t Kiss

It always seems a risky move to depersonalize sex, but if you’re in a caring, loving relationship, the risks are lessened by the fact that after, he will know it was all in good fun. Once in a while, tell him you don’t want to be kissed the whole time, you just want your body to be used for his pleasure. The tantric nature of the emotional restraint can be quite exhilarating, and it will force you to make serious eye contact, which can often be far more passionate than locking lips.


Talk Dirty

Once you realize a little of what he likes, it can be very hot to start talking dirty during sex. Start the statements off simply and mirror the pace of climax by gradually elevating how dirty and loud you get. You’ll be surprised how much you can literally control his orgasm with simply the pace and level of your dirty talk.

5 Pick Up Lines For Older Women

Of all the groups of women out there, more experienced women are probably one of the least likely to respond favorably to a ‘pick-up line.’ But that’s doesn’t mean the intentions behind pick-up lines are lost. Older women have been around long enough to smell a snake coming from a mile away, so if you are going to try a pick-up line, it’s got to be sweet, endearing and used as a tool to break the ice.

“Come home with me.”

Available older women operate on a sped-up timeline. They want lasting relationships but want to skip the prolonged dating phase. Once you’ve sensed an emotional stirring with an older woman, and you think she wants it to move forward too, skip the bull and get to the point.

“I feel a real connection with you.”

Older women are ultimately looking for the companionship they haven’t yet found. You can offer the potential for that relationship without promising much, but be careful. Making promises you won’t keep is a cruel thing to do to any woman.

“Your intelligence is attractive.”

An older woman has been around longer, and learned more. She will approach things with grace and poise, and will likely know a lot more than you about many things. Embrace this experience, it also likely transfers into the bedroom.

“I want to take care of you.”

It is possible it is she who will want to (or be most equipped to) take care of you. But it’s endearing to know that one of the things she’s obviously missing in life, perhaps the only thing she’s missing in life, is a man who takes care of her emotionally, and it might be you.

“I don’t care about age.”

It’s the elephant in the room, and likely something you’re both self-conscious about. It might behoove you to slyly mention that you’ve dated an older woman in the past, or have always been interested in older women. At any rate, make sure your attitude is consistent with your approach throughout your interaction, or she’ll see right through it.

The Five Most Exciting Places To Have A Fling

Sure the Mile High Club might seem exciting at first, but just wait until the two of you emerge to a line of grumpy full-bladdered patrons who all know perfectly well you were in there erecting her seat for the final ascent. So, here are a few spots where getting it on will be something to remember.


Take a Pleasure Cruise

The Staton Island Ferry might be, well, do-able but everyone knows New York authorities aren’t always forgiving when it comes to tomfoolery. In coastal towns, fishing or tour boat charters can often be picked up on sites like Groupon for very little cash. Just keep an eye out for those stray fishhooks.


Drop in on a Monumental Erection

You can certainly find enough privacy in one of the world’s most famous honeymoon destinations for a quickie. Explore her Grand Canyon, climb to the top of his Washington Monument, meet the seamen at Admiralty Island, get naked on the Las Vegas Strip, or get animalistic at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.


Get Yours Balls Off in the Rough

Eighteen holes gives you hours of opportunities to play with his wood or get down and dirty in her sand trap. In fact, the deeper the bunker, the better your chances of not getting caught — so choose a time of day when you won’t be disturbed by some speedy golfer playing through your hole-in-one. Been there, bagged that? Try a threesome.


Bang Out a Few Loads at the Laundromat

Perhaps it’s the foaming suds, or the gentle vibrating and rocking motion of the machines. Maybe it’s the vicinity of so many pieces of a stranger’s underwear. Or maybe it’s just the sheer amount of time you know you have to kill between the washer and dryer cycles. Whatever the reason, taking care of more than one load in the same night is always productive.


Going Down?

This one gets extra points for difficulty. Even the elevator in the world’s tallest building only takes several minutes, so you have to figure out how to stop it. Should be worth it though, bear in mind elevator sex with strangers also gets extra points for creativity — that is gonna’ have to be one helluva elevator pitch.