Top 5 Best Water Sex Positions

Once you’ve been having sex for awhile you have to learn a few new moves as well as a few new locations. Having sex is water is absolutely thrilling and arousing. It can either be in a pool, hot tub, bathtub, etc. What you need to know is what types of positions are the best for what kind of body of water. It’s all about positions, because if you are doing it in water you have to make sure that you are being safe, careful and simply having lots of fun while you are at it. Take a look at the Top 5 Best Water Sex Positions:

1. Leg Up In The Tub: The woman has to be laying back on the tub and the guy holding one of her legs up. He will be between the women’s legs thrusting back and forth. His body will be rubbing against the women’s clitoris and therefore giving her a double dose of complete bliss.

2. Tube Bumping: This is a position that can be done in any open body of water. The man will sit directly on the tube, while the woman sits right on top of him. She needs to angle herself correctly, so that her g-spot gets hit. While she is sitting on the guy she can place her legs to his side, top of his shoulders, etc.

3. Floating Banging: For this position can also be done in any open body of water, but the man will need to be able to touch the floor. All that is required is a raft and two people. The woman lies with her face facing the raft and her legs dangling over the raft. They guy stands up in the water and thrust his package in and out of her.

4. Hot Tub Pumping: This position is great for when you are enjoying a nice time in the hot tub. The man sits on the seat within the hot tub and the woman sits right on his package. The couple is both facing each other and can easily play with each other’s nipples and such.

5. Sexual Floating Device: This position can be done in a hot tub or pool. The woman rests her arms on the edge or step of the pool and floats. The guy then bumps his way in and out of her while standing or kneeling.

These water sex positions are absolutely fun and easy to do. Now go out and have sex in the water! It’s summer time, so these positions are perfect to enjoy a nice night out skinny dipping with a partner. While you are at it make sure you read about Fling: Hottest Adult X Dating Online just in case you don’t have a partner to get it on with while in the water.

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Nipple Tattooing “Tittooing” Coming To America

For all those women who are unhappy about their small or pale nipples are in luck, because a new cosmetic procedure has gain great popularity in recent months. When most people think about cosmetic procedures their first thoughts are face lifts, nose job, breast enlargements, etc. No one really thinks about perfecting their nipples. Nipple Tattooing “Tittooing” will be coming to America soon enough as it has gain large popularity in Liverpool. Due to the high demands many women in America have heard about the wonderful results and are anxious to have the producer done in the U.S.

This particular process isn’t new since it is mainly used in breast reconstruction to define the nipple and areola area. The procedure is great for women who feel that they want their nipples to be darker, larger and rounder.

A clinician, Gail Proudman, who tattoos about three pairs of areolas and nipples a week stated, “A lot of people want their nipples made darker. It’s the fashion. Some people think theirs are too pink or their boyfriends want them done. I think sometime they are doing it because they are conscious of them being pale and they think it’s fashionable to have dark nipples. They’ll look at the magazines and page 3 and unfortunately a lot of it might be peer pressure. The girls get them done so they can go topless and not be embarrassed, or when they’re in a changing room and getting changed. They can go on holiday in front of their partners, go for massages, spray tans and just not be conscious of their body.”

This particular procedure will cost around $2,000 and the tattoo coloring usually lasts between 12-18 months. So, if you desire to have your nipples darker, so that your tits overall can look amazing be prepared to repeat the procedure once every year or year and a half. Don’t forget to read about the 5 Ways To Tell If Your Girlfriend Has Been Around.

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5 Different Types Of Condoms

Everyone knows that when it comes to sex you will definitely have a good time. I mean sure there will be moments of horrible sex, but overall you are sure to have one hell of a time. The number one thing to remember when it comes to sex is to be safe. There are tons of diseases out there and I am sure none of you horny peeps want to catch anything. You can still have hot, steamy, mind blowing sex with being safe. Who says that stopping to use a condom ruins the mode? Ummm, no it doesn’t. It’s actually truly sexy when the person you are having sex with wants to be safe. Check out the 5 Different Types Of Condoms:

1. Latex: These are definitely the most common used type of condoms. These are really stretchy, so they are perfect for the dudes that have a big package. These are not to be used with an oil based lubricant because the oil may cause the condom to break. If you need to use a lubricant make sure you use a water or silicon based one.

2. Non-Latex: These are great for those individuals who are truly allergic to latex since there is really no excuse for those who are not in a marriage or trying to have a baby not to use one. These are polyurethane sheaths that block sperm and a good amount of viruses as well.

3. Lambskin: Not much men like the idea of having a dead animal’s skin wrapped around their private part. These condoms do not protect your against STDs nor do they work well in preventing pregnancy. In fact, I am not sure why Lambskin condoms are even sold.

4. Spermicide Condoms: Condoms that contain spermicide is basically giving you double the protection against getting a female pregnant. The spermicide kills sperm, but you do have to watch out as there are some people who are allergic to spermicide as it might give you an allergic reaction.

5. Female Condoms: This is a type of condom that is rarely used since it is very attractive and usually most women do not like the fact of having to shove a condom inside of them. They are a bit more expensive, then male condoms, but it’s definitely worth it for those who do not want to have a child at the moment.

There are definitely other types of condoms out there, but these 5 are the most commonly used by sexual active individuals.

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10 Of The Strangest Sex Laws World Wide

You would think that as the world has developed over the pass hundred years or so that the laws would change as well. There are tons of laws in certain states and countries that are extremely ridiculous, yet the law books still keep them in the books, but they do not enforce half of them. There are even a few laws that have to deal with sex that are pretty damn strange as well. The sex laws that you are about to read are in fact real and unfortunately are not good news for those who live in the places where some of these laws are in fact enforced.

10 Of The Strangest Sex Laws World Wide:

Strange Sex Law #1:

In Hong Kong, China, a wife has permission to kill her husband if he cheats on her. The catch is she has to do it with her bare hands, but the mistress can be killed in any manner that the wife feels up too.

Strange Sex Law #2:

In Bahrain, male doctors are allowed to examine a woman’s genitals, but only by using a mirror to see a reflection of it. It is illegal for the male doctor to look directly at the woman’s private parts.

Strange Sex Law #3:

In Sioux Falls, South Dakota, if a couple rents a room in a hotel room the room comes with two twin beds. The twin beds most always be two feet apart when the room is being rented for one night. The floor space between the beds cannot be used to have intercourse either.

Strange Sex Law #4:

In Alexandria, Minnesota, it is illegal for a husband to have sex with his wife if his breath smells of sardines, garlic or onions. By law he has to brush his teeth before the act of sex can be performed.

Strange Sex Law #5:

In Newcastle, Wyoming, it is illegal for couples to have sex in a store’s walk-in meat freezer.

Strange Sex Law #6:

In Indonesia, it is illegal to masturbate and if you get caught the penalty is decapitation.

Strange Sex Law #7:

In Nevada, it is illegal to have sex without using a condom.

Strange Sex Law #8:

In Romboch, Virginia, it is illegal to perform sex or a sexual activity with the lights on.

Strange Sex Law #9:

In Wisconsin, Washington D.C., Vermont, Utah, Tennessee, South Dakota, Oregon, Oklahoma, Ohio, New York, Nevada, Nebraska, Mississippi, Massachusetts, Indiana, Idaho, Florida and Arizona, it is illegal for a man to have a visible erection that show’s through his clothing.

Strange Sex Law #10:

In Cali, Colombia, a woman can only have sex with her husband and for the first time of this sexual act her own mother has to be in the room to witness the sexual act.

Aren’t these sex laws strange? Imagine if you have to live in a state that still enforces some of these ridiculous laws. It surely must be a nightmare for some and for others they are lucky if their state or country has forgotten about some of these laws. Make sure you read about the 5 Things Men Want During Sex.

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Fling.Com’s New Ultimate Feature- “Fling Events”

Fling.Com, the number one adult dating site, pride themselves in keeping members happy. They do this by keeping their web site updated with the latest perks available for adult dating and making the “finding/search” process as easy and enjoyable as humanely possible. If you’ve been on Fling.Com then you know that browsing through other member’s profiles is easy as pie and utterly fun as Fling is packed with racy and descriptive profiles of what sexy women and men are looking for.

Just when we think that Fling can’t possibly come up with any other features it surprises us with yet another one new one. The latest feature that Fling has to offer its members is called- “Fling Events.” Fling Events is totally bad ass and is going to make your online dating experience go that much smoother and easier.

Fling Events helps you find events such as concerts, parties, festivals and other social gatherings in which you can meet people. You can look for events that are near you or in other areas, cities and states. Fling Events has four fields that help you narrow down what you’re looking for.

On the first field there’s a drop menu in which you choose the kind of event you’re looking for. On the second field there’s another menu in which you insert the day you’re looking to go out on. Following, is a field where you put the time that’s best to your convenience. Finally, there’s the last field in which you put the city and state of where you’re looking for an event to attend and meet up with people and possibly hook up. You can use all these menus or just one or a couple, it’s all up to you. But as you can see these menus really help you nail down specifics on events in different parts of the country.

Fling Events doesn’t only help members find the cool and happening events but as always gives you an incentive/perk to find happening places where you can go to meet sexy singles.