10 Ways To Turn On A Man

Men are not very hard to figure out nor are they hard to turn on. There countless of ways to turn on a man but there are some that are definitely top notch when it comes to truly pleasuring them. It never hurts to learn about different ways to improve your sex life. That is a part of any relationship that has the potential to grow and get better over time. Take the time to read the 10 Ways To Turn On A Man and you might even become a sex expert.

Way #1: Take A Sensual Shower

Nothing like getting into the mode when you and your guy share a very sensual shower. You lather him up and he returns the favor. Don’t forget to look into each other’s eyes and simply take in all of the passion you both are experiencing at that moment.

Way #2: Touch Buttocks Area During Oral Sex

If you are giving oral sex to your man try giving a little massage to his butt cheeks. This will drive him crazy as this is an area on a man that is less likely to be touched.

Way #3: Be In Charge

Be in control while you are getting it on. Let him know what you want and how you want it. This is going to let him know that you are dominating him in the bedroom at the moment. You know what they say men like tough women.

Way #4: Jerk Him Off From Behind

This is quite simple and very sexy at the same time. All you have to do is come up from behind him and grip his cock. Your hand will be positioned in the same way as his hand would be when he stroke his little friend. Your hand will be touching his most sensitive parts and you can go straight to town with this handjob. Don’t forget to whisper sweet nothings into his ear and give kisses to his back, shoulders and neck areas.

Way #5: You Do All The Work

From time to time allow your guy to rest when it comes to sex activities. You need to be the one to do all of the work. Take off his pants, suck his cock and ride him until he bursts his load.

Way #6: Find New Places To Have Sex At

It’s time for you and your man to find new places to have sex at. It’s all about exploring new area where you both are comfortable and excited about becoming intimate in.

Way #7: Bring Out The Handcuffs Or Scarves

Show him who is boss by tying up his hands to the bed post and fuck him like you have never fucked anyone before.

Way #8: Take Out The Blindfolds

There is something extremely sexy about being blindfolded and not knowing where you are about to be touched, kissed or licked. This will drive your man crazy and you have full control on what goes down in the bedroom.

Way #9: Give Compliments

Let him know that you truly love all of the things that he does for you and to you. He needs to know that you are completely happy and satisfy with him. He will definitely appreciate it.

Way #10: Masturbate In Front Of Him

Take the time to play with yourself in front of your man, but let him know he can join in at any moment. If he chooses not too because he is so into watching you then you better give him one hell of a show. Lick your fingers and stuck them back inside of yourself. This will drive him insane.
Now that you know of the ways to turn your man on it is time that you know What Men Over 30 Years Old Want Sexually as they definitely want different things. It’s definitely not all bad news about getting older.

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What Men Over 30 Years Old Want Sexually

When a man matures and enters his 30s his outlook on sex also changes and matures. There are different things that turn him on and different things that he wants to experiment with. You see when a man is in his 20s he is usually just happy to be having sex regularly, but when he gets older this feeling goes away. He then wants to have a deeper connection when it comes to sex and the ladies he is choosing to be with on his new found sex journey.

New Sexual Activity #1: New Satisfaction

While a man is in his 20s he is a bit selfish and is all about the blowjobs being done to him. In a sick way they expect a woman to get on their knees all the time, but that they don’t have to return the favor. When a man enters his 30s he realizes that he has been going about oral sex the wrong way and his man focus is about turning you on. He learns that while he is turning on his girl through oral sex that this is in fact turning him on as well. His may focus is about pleasing his woman and when she is pleased so is he. He finally learns that women don’t have orgasms solely through penetration. She has an orgasm through foreplay and oral sex.

New Sexual Activity #2: New Touching Area

Guys in their 20s are still not 100% comfortable with their bodies to be able to experiment with other areas of it. Men in their 30s are 100% comfortable with their bodies, sexuality and simply are ready to try out other areas. The only other area is their backdoor. They tend to like to have it licked or fingered and are completely okay with it. They are not afraid to experiment this new area with their woman. So ladies start off playing with their balls, move back towards their perineum (area between balls and butt) and if he is comfortable with you touching all of that then it is okay for you to move your way all the way back.

New Sexual Activity #3: Introducing Porn

Younger guys tend not to want to watch porn with their partner as it goes back to them not being comfortable and secured with themselves. They feel that their woman is going to judge and compare them when it is their turn to sex it up in the bedroom. Older men are secured with themselves and don’t mind introducing a porn video in the bedroom. Plus, this is a way for the guy in his 30s to keep things interesting in a long term relationship.

It’s great to see that most men grow out of their sexual selfish ways and start pleasing women in the bedroom as this is just as important to them as it is to you. Women love having sex, but most are turned off by 20 something year olds as they are not mentally ready to begin pleasing a woman in the bedroom and are just all about busting their own nut. Don’t forget to check out Smoking Hot Model Kate Upton Shows Off Sexy Curves as this woman is hot!

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5 Of The Best Morning Sex Positions

Lets face it people with our busy work lives we don’t have time to be getting it in on a daily basis and multiple times a day. Once you wake up it is time to get ready and head on out to work. By the time you get home you are worn out from the work day. Yeah, you might want to get a little bit of nookie, but you are so damn tired you just want to shower and knock out. To avoid missing out on having amazing sex every week you now have to make sure you get your sexy time in during the morning. Below you will read about 5 Of The Best Morning Sex Positions.

Sex Position #1: Full Body Stretch

Most of the time people need about 15 minutes to fully wake up; so if you are one of those types of people you might need a stretch too. This move requires the guy to sit with his legs criss cross. The woman then lowers herself onto the penis and wrap her legs a bit behind his back. Once you are both facing on another it is time to grab onto each other’s arms and lower yourselves backwards. You are basically using the weight of each other’s in a body tug of war game.

Sex Position #2: Reverse Frog

This position is fairly simply to do. The man will sit up straight and place his legs directly in front of him. He can place a few pillows behind his back as support as he leans a bit backwards. The woman has to them lower herself onto his penis with her legs straddling his thighs. The woman has to keep her legs bent like a frog and grind herself on all of his glory.

Sex Position #3: Interlocking Position

You both are lying down on your sides facing one another. You both have to move very close to one another to the point that you are scissoring your legs to an interlocking position. Once the penis is deep inside of the woman, both the man and woman can begin thrusting into on another. This position will highly stimulate the woman’s clitoris.

Sex Position #4: Spooning

Spooning is truly one of the best morning positions of all time because the only thing that needs to be down is for the woman to back herself up into the guy in a spooning fashion and have him slip his penis inside of her from the back. The woman can even tease the guy a bit by rubbing her ass against his penis to arouse him some more.

Sex Position #5: Open Wide

For this position all the woman has to do is open wide for the guy to enter while placing her hands on the headboard. When the woman places her hands on the headboard she is letting the guy know that she is all his. Once the guy is in the woman can know press her thighs closer to his body in a hugging manner. He will continue thrusting inside of her while she moves her hips as well.

These positions are very easy to try out and they will definitely give you energy to take on the rest of the day. You don’t have to miss out on having sex because you are busy with work or generally worn out due to every day errands. It is time you get off by getting it on in the morning time. If you are a woman reading this post then you should check out the Top 10 Things That Turn Men On as it will give you loads of valuable information on how to get your man extra aroused.

Learn How To Give Mind Blowing Blowjobs

It is amazing how many women do not know nor have the experience on how to give a blowjob. You would think as a woman it would become second nature, but sadly some women don’t know how to put their mouth, lips and tongue to work on a cock. The number one goal when it comes to giving a blowjob is satisfying your man completely. If you can’t satisfy him he will most likely fantasy another woman sucking his cock or actually go out looking for a chick. Let’s hope your man doesn’t wonder off because you can’t suck his cock correctly.

A lot of inexperienced women think that if they wrap their lips around a cock and move their head in an up and down fashion that they are giving head. This is absolutely incorrect and ridiculous that they would think this is okay to do. As a woman you should know how to give head and how to please your man to the fullest. If you have to practice on a dildo then do so, but you have to learn how to give head one way or another.

There are some ways you can give him an amazing blowjob without actually having all the techniques down packed. You can jump on his cock with your mouth as soon as he enters the house. Just grab him by his pants and pull him to the couch or press him against the wall and go at it. Just by you doing this you will drive him absolutely crazy. He wouldn’t know what hit him, but one thing for sure he is going to be turned on far beyond belief.

Once you are going down on your man make sure to use your hands as this will help with stimulating his cock and get it hard faster. Make sure you wrap your lips completely around his cock and apply a little bit of pressure with your tongue onto his shaft while you are moving up and down. One of the most sensitive areas of the cock will be the area where the head meets the shaft and you need to pay attention to this area just a little bit more. Don’t forget the other two friends of the cock who will love to join in the party. While giving your man head make sure you play with his balls too. You should try to suck on them too, but if you are not into that then just play with them in your hands. Ever heard of Chinese stress relief balls? Move the balls in the same motion as you would do with the Chinese stress relief balls.

It is very important that you are enjoying this sexual act as much as your guy will be. If you are showing that you are disgusted or not into pleasuring him you will totally ruin the moment for him as well. Enthusiasm is definitely an important key to giving head, plus you will be enjoying all of his glory in your mouth. There are some guys who love to cum into their chick’s mouth (make sure you ask what your guy likes to do) and there are others who want to have sex with you before he has his grand finale.