Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth Dating but Not Engaged

Talent agent Jim Toth and actress Reese Witherspoon have been dating since January of this year. However, despite several rumors that the couple was engaged to get married, a representative for Reese Witherspoon told People magazine that Toth and the actress are not engaged.

Kim Kardashian Dating Kanye West?

Kim Kardashian, who is famous for fucking Ray J on camera, is looking to fuck another star in rapper, Kanye West. According to reports, Kanye and Kim are now dating even though it was just recently reported that Kim Kardashian had been dating John Mayer. Seems like KK is playing the celebrity field as usual.

Is Chealsea Handler Dating 50 Cent?

There are tons of rumors going around saying that 50 Cent and Chealsea Handler are dating. However, both of the celebrities have denied the rumors saying that they are just friends. Apparently the entire rumor started after 50 Cent sent Handler flowers after completing her hosting duties on the most recent VMAs. When asked about the relationship in a recent interview, 50 Cent was quoted as saying, “I’m not gonna answer that question!” he joked. “No, I’m not dating her,” he added, “Yeah I did send her flowers… why not?”