Neighbors Talk About Amanda Bynes Odd Behavior

Recently Amanda Bynes was arrested for drug possession and throwing out her bong out the window. It seems that this isn’t the first time that Bynes neighbors have been on guard with the ex-child actress. Neighbors talk about Amanda Bynes odd behavior with the press recentely and it seems that they all believe that she needs help in the mental department. The neighbors are left feeling extremely uneasy with Bynes living in their apartment building.

The group of neighbors spoke of Bynes by stating, “She just stares at people. Her eyes look really messed up. It’s very clear she’s not just smoking pot. When you see her, you’re nervous to even be in the elevator with her. Sometimes she’s really dressed up, studded Louboutins and white jeans but with tanning lotion all over her and carrying her big gold bag. Other times she is so insanely disheveled in Adidas flip-flops and sweats with her hair all messed up.”

They continued, “It’s clear from very far away, just by looking at her and the way she acts, that she has issues. She stumbles. She sways and can barely stand up straight. She walks into people a lot. She just doesn’t have any regard for people around her or where she is going.”

It seems that everyone believes she is in need of major help, but Bynes doesn’t want to believe that she is losing it mentality. She cannot be conservatorship even though she has definitely done and acted very strangely. Hopefully soon enough she will realize that she needs help and she should definitely ask for it.

Bynes has been quite talkative via her personal Twitter account stating that she never threw anything out the window, that the cops illegally entered her home and that she was sexually assaulted by one of the police officers. She states that she will be suing a few people soon enough and she can no longer discuss the case due to her lawyers request.

Take a look at Amanda Bynes Wild Drug & Party Pictures to see for yourself what is really going on with this girl.

Amanda Bynes Wild Drug & Party Pictures

There have been some disturbing pictures regarding an ex-child actor in recent news. InTouch magazine has recently published several Amanda Bynes wild drug and party pictures. The pictures were taken by a fellow party attendee and what these pictures show is an out of control twenty-seven year old that needs help. The party was held at Bynes home and just shows her completely out of her mind and drugs lying all over the place. These pictures also show that she hasn’t been keeping up with cleaning her home either and is pretty much living in filth.

The photographer of the photos is Giovanni Arnold, who also attended the party, said, “She probably gets so high that sometimes she won’t even leave her house. One minute she’s cool and down-to-earth. The next, she’s totally different – indecisive, and she can’t hold a conversation. Mentally, she’s all over the place.”

Joe, another man who attended the party, stated that “weed was everywhere, on the bed, all over the floor.” He continued to mention that cocaine was also in Bynes’ home as well as her living conditions were quite poor.

Joe continues to state, “Her living room is basically empty. Blinds hang on three windows near her bed, while the other windows are spray-painted black. Her dress was tight and sheer and you could see her bra — she seemed to like that.”

Bynes has stated many times before that she doesn’t do drugs and that those who come to her house simply bring their own drugs to do at her home. These pictures that are featured in the magazine clearly show that Bynes indeed participates in drug activity. Via Twitter, Bynes has denied that party happened in her home and that the photos in the magazine have been altered to seem as if she was there. She denies that the backgrounds in the photos are of her home and that she doesn’t know the man standing behind her. Lets hope that things start going better for the used to be actress soon enough.

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Farrah Abraham Anal Sex Confession

It seems that a certain celebrity television star isn’t as sweet and innocent as she has made herself to be. Farrah Abraham’s anal sex confession is definitely the talk of the town ever since her porn tape was released a few weeks back. The once MTV “Teen Mom” star showed off her sex skills in a recent porn video with the well known male porn star James Deen. Abraham first denied the existence of the porn video, but then soon confessed to it all. She stated that she flew out to Los Angeles to make a personal porn tape with a professional porn star.

Many people did not believe her as it was obvious that her reasoning did not make sense at all. Plus, Deen stated that they originally wanted him to pretend that he was dating her and that months later the “sex tape” would have been released. Deen did not want any part of that ridiculous story and when he spoke about it Abraham was furious. She began saying childish things about her the porn star, which ultimately made her look like a fool.
During her porn tape she participated in anal sex and she was all for it because she had already had anal sex in her early teens. Say what? Yeah, you read that right. This chick was getting her ass banged into when she was a young teen.

Abraham spoke more about the matter during another interview and she revealed, “This is my video; I had all the creative input in the world. I did everything, I mean I hadn’t had sex in a while. I wanted to do stuff – I got asked why did I do anal, and I was like ‘Why wouldn’t I?’ I’ve already done it when I was younger, and I don’t have sex much, I can have my own stuff to remember so I am going to have a little bit of everything. So that’s what I did for myself.”

It seems as if she is still sticking to her story about this porn video only supposed to be for her private collection. Who knows? Maybe she is telling the truth. Doubtful!

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Kanye West Is Cheating On Kim Kardashian With A Guy

There always tons of rumors regarding celebrity couples, but there are some that seem to be true. Many are saying that Kanye West is cheating on Kim Kardashian with a guy. The man that Kanye is supposedly bumping uglies with is designer Riccardo Tisci. This is the same man who designed that horrible floral dress that Kim wore to the Met Gala event. Yes, the dress that everyone made jokes about. It seems that the joke is truly on Kim at this point.

A source has revealed that Kim already has heard about this cheating scandal and has totally freaked out about it. She is completely stunned that the man she is about to have a baby with is cheating on her. What freaks her out the most is that he is rumored to be cheating on her with a dude and this brings her self esteem level way down.

The source reveals, “There are some facts Kim can’t deny. Kanye has spent her entire pregnancy living close to Riccardo in the French capital and Riccardo recently purchased an apartment less than half a mile from Kanye’s in NYC’s Soho neighborhood. Kanye is obsessed with Riccardo. They have a very deep bond. They spend a lot of time together at Kanye’s apartment. Kim freaked out. If it turns out Kanye is involved with Riccardo, she will be utterly embarrassed — more so than she’s ever been in her life.”

This sound like a bro romance might be going on, but it does sound a bit odd for two grown men to be all of the sudden moving close to one another. If the rumors come to be true, then this will be absolutely embarrassing and hurtful for Kim and her unborn child. At this point, neither Kim nor Kanye have denied the rumors.

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Is Harry Styles Dating Kimberly Stewart?

By this time everyone knows that the One Direction band member has had his eye open looking for his next chick. There is a question on everyone’s mind and that is Is Harry Styles Dating Kimberly Stewart? He was dating Taylor Swift for a brief time, but mentioned later that he simply couldn’t take her and that she was annoying to him. It seems that the 19 year old boy likes older women as he is reportedly tied to Kimberly Stewart who is 33 years old and a mother of one child. Recently, Styles was seen at dinner with Rod Stewart and his wife Penny Lancaster. Many thought that they were discussing business and a possible collaboration. That is definitely not the case.

He was having dinner with his girlfriend, her father and stepmother. Sources at the restaurant states that the pair were truly enjoying each other’s company, flirting and touching one another in a friendly way. As mentioned before Stewart is the mother of a baby girl, whom she had with actor Benicio Del Toro, back on August 21, 2011. Stewart and Del Toro were not a couple.

Styles and Stewart have not been dating long and sources state that they are “very happy” with each other. The source also reveals, “They were introduced by a mutual friend who set them up. Kim is very strong willed, she goes for what she wants and Harry appreciates that. It is a very new thing and we’ll see where it goes. She is exactly his type.”

It seems that age truly doesn’t matter for these two and they are going to continue dating despite the huge age difference. Styles is definitely not ready to be a stepdaddy, so we are not exactly sure how long this relationship will last. At the end of the day no one really knows what the future as planned for them, but hopefully everything goes well for the new couple.

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