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4 Best Dirty Talk Words A Woman Can Say

Dirty Talk during sex is arousing and can be quite stimulating for both the man and woman. Most women are shy when it comes to this, but once she is comfortable and can utter these 4 Best Dirty Talk Words A Woman Can Say; she will have accomplish in getting her man super excited.
Here are the 4 Dirty Words:

1. Yes: Now it may not sound all that dirty, but you have to say it in a certain way that lets your man know that he is doing something right.

2. Ram That Cock In Me: Saying ďfuck meĒ can get rather boring and is used so often. Especially since the work fuck is used for many different ways. Saying ďramĒ gives an automatic visual of something being rammed hard into another object.

3. Let Me Suck You Dry: This always gets a man going; especially if you say this after a long passionate kiss and begin heading down to give him a mind blowing blowjob. This should be said right before the sex.

4. My Pussy: Men love hearing women telling them to touch ďmy pussyĒ or teach ďmy pussyĒ a lesson.

When talking dirty make sure to sound natural and not . No one wants to have sex with someone who sounds like they are reading a script. Hope you all use these 4 Best Dirty Talk Words A Woman Can Say in your next sex venture.

Using Vibrators During Sex

There is no shame in a couple Using Vibrators During Sex. Letís face it; most women own a vibrator to use it when there is no man in sight. Some of discovered the wonders of using it during sex with their boyfriend, husband, or booty call. The simply use of a toy will bring the feeling of new and exciting sensations. Of course adding multiple orgasms to your night!

There are different ways to incorporate the use of an vibrator:

1. Oral- While you (as the man or woman) are enjoying the taste of your partner down there, slide in the vibrator inside and continue licking the clit. This will drive her insane!

2. Clit Stimulation- To give more clit stimulation during penetration use the bullet vibrator aka clitoral vibrator. As you are thrusting inside her, she could be holding in place the bullet on her clit.

3. Penis Vibration- Not only is the vibrator amazing for women, you (as the man) can enjoy the wonders of it too. You can ask your women to slide the vibrator up and down your erected shaft for a sensation that you will enjoy too.

Remember Using Vibrators During Sex is perfectly normal and can bring some much needed spice in your sexual relationship! Enjoy!

Erotic Massages Before Sex

Most women need to be put into the mood by other methods sometimes. A nice erotic massage will definitely do the trick. Donít know how to give one? No worries. I will tell you how with these seven pointers.

1. The Warm Up- Make sure the room is set to a decent temperature. No one wants to freeze while taking their clothes off. If you decide to use hot body oil, make sure you test out the temperature before you put the oil on your partnerís skin.

2. Feeling Comfortable- It is important that you and your partner are comfortable. Have your partner lay out face down on a large area or the bed.

3. Apply Oil- You may pour a decent amount onto your hands, rub together, and then onto your partnerís body. Or you may pour small amounts onto your partnerís body and then rub in.

4. Techniques- Everyone has their own techniques on how to give a massage. Here are a feel movements that you can use; use long strokes down your partnerís back and legs, skimming your fingertips lightly, circular motions with your palms, gently using your knuckles to massage your partnerís back, bottom, and legs.

5. Communication- No one wants to have a painful massage, so make sure you ask your partner how they feel.

6. Full Body- Make sure you massage your partnerís entire body. Once you are done with their back side, fill them over and massage the entire front.

7. Make It Sexual- Once you have made your way done to the below area. You will want to use your most oiled hand to began pleasuring your partner. With a finger or two began a circular motion on her clitoris. Listen to her moans and then change the pace and pressure. Donít be afraid to ask for feedback.