5 Things Everyone Should Know About The Clit

Deep down inside, every man wants to be considered a “pussy expert”. However, there are very few men out there that can actually hold that title. But if you aspire to become a professional on all things vagina related, this list is a great place to start.





Girls Can Get a “Stiffy”

Did you know that the Labia Minora contains erectile tissue that stiffens when a woman gets sexually aroused?  Did you know women have a Labia Minora?


The “Hood” has the most nerve endings.

The outer part of the vagina, near the opening, has the most vaginal nerve endings which makes more sensitive than the rest of the vagina.

The location of the G-Spot

Scientists believe that the G-Spot is an extension of the clitoris. However, the exact location of the G-Spot can vary from woman to woman while some women may not have one at all.


Good bacteria?

Up to 15 different types of bacteria can be found in the average vagina. They keep away the bad bacteria that can cause infections.


The funnest exercise

The pubococcygeus muscle is the main muscle in the pubic region. Working it out can make it easier to climax and it can also give a woman better “grip” during sex.


The Weirdest Sex Laws In America

The United States has been known to have its fair share of strange laws. For example, did you know it’s illegal to wrestle a bear in Alabama? In New Orleans, it’s against the law to curse at a firefighter while they’re performing their duties. While in Oklahoma, it’s illegal to have a sleeping donkey in your bathtub after 7pm. In keeping with the tradition of strange laws, here is a list of weirdest sex laws in the United States.


The Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act in Alabama has criminalized the sale of sex toys. Selling or intent to sell a sex toy within state lines is punishable by a $10,000 fine or up to 1 year in prison.


Sleeping naked is illegal in Minnesota. It’s also against the law for a man to have intimate relations with a live fish; although it’s perfectly legal for a woman to do so.


In Connorsville, it’s illegal for a man to fire his gun while his female partner has an orgasm. What fun is sex without being able to shoot a gun?


In Bozeman, having sex in the front yard of a house is against the law if it’s after sundown, and if they’re nude.


They call Indiana the “Crossroads of America”. But did you know that it’s against the law to have oral sex within state lines? How un American (and downright crazy) is that?

Why Everyone Should Learn About Tantric Sex

Simply put, Tantra is a form of meditation that originated in India. Tantric Sex, also known as Neotantra, is a modern version of the ancient technique which incorporates elements of the meditation into sex. Tantric sex can be practiced alone, with a partner or even in large groups.


However, many people who practice tantra in its original meditative form feel like the true nature of the technique has been mostly overlooked in western civilization. This is mostly because it has been tied so closely to sexuality as opposed to spirituality. Although they are related, it’s important to note that Tantra is not all about sex and for one to truly master Tantric sex, they should learn all they can about Tantra as a meditation technique.


All that said, if learned properly, Neotantra can allow couples to experience enhanced pleasure during sex as well as a deeper connection. That’s why we’ve come up with a few important beginner techniques that every couple should learn about, if not for the purely meditative benefits, then definitely for the benefits it can bring to the bedroom.


Extend Orgasms

Men never admit to being premature ejaculators, but just in case you’re a man that blows his load a bit too quickly, this technique can help hold out and even experience multiple orgasms. Rather than thinking of sex as a task with a goal, think of it as an experience that should be enjoyed moment to moment. Give and receive pleasure with simple gestures and words; even if it means leaving intercourse out of it. Spend a few weeks discovering what your partner finds most desirable and use your newly found techniques organically in the bedroom. You’ll soon find that this can lead to more pleasurable, pressure-free sex that can lead to extended, or even multiple orgasms.


Controlled Breathing

Most people don’t pay attention to the way they breathe during sex. However, breathing too quickly during sex can create arousal and lead to premature orgasms. Instead, try taking slow deep breaths and exhale gradually. You can even try matching your partners breathing pattern to make a deeper connection with your lover.


Explore Different Positions

Exploring different sexual positions is all about eliminating gender roles. In missionary position, the man is on top and the woman is on the bottom. Switching positions can help balance female and male

How Alexis Found Love After Hurricane Katrina

Alexis & Her BoyfriendAlexis & Her Boyfriend

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Thanks Fling


How To Meet Women At Sex Parties

There are sex parties being hosted across the world and if you get an invitation you better go as it is going to be one of the best parties you will ever experience. It’s all about getting laid and having a good time. There isn’t much else to it, yet there are some dudes that can’t seem to get with the flow of things and actually score with a hot chick at the party. They are definitely doing some things wrong as it should be incredibly easy to hook up with a female at one of these types of parties. These ladies know exactly what is going on and they are expecting to get banged by a good looking guy.

What you need to know is how to meet women at sex parties, so that you can score each and every time you attend one. First, you need to dress the part of a sexy, well put together man that obviously keeps up with his appearance. Your outfit doesn’t have to be out of this world, especially since it will come off quickly once you get to the party, but it needs to be ironed, cleaned and look sharp. Make sure that you also look well groomed as no women is going to allow a man who can’t washed and clean his head of hair to shove his cock inside of her. If you can’t keep your head of hair looking nice, your junk down below must not be so fresh and that is not the type of vibe you want to send off to the ladies.

After you got your outfit down packed it is time to head out to the party. Once you get there you have to make an entrance. You can’t just ring the doorbell and walk right in. You need to show up with a little group of your own, maybe a one guy friend and two chick friends. When a woman notices that you show up with two chicks around your arms, they automatically want you. They know that you must be a good lay as you already showed up with two girls to a sex party. They are going to think that even if you don’t hook up with anyone at the sex party you can always have some fun with the chicks that came with you. They don’t want that to happen as they want to get a taste of what you are working with.

Don’t go after the first chick that walks by you as you need to work the room a little bit and see what other sexy ladies are in there. Once you have been at the party for a bit, it is time for you to make your move. You need to pull in that hot girl that has been checking you out close and let her know that you are ready for the business. Trust me, she is going to be extremely excited that you want to have sex with her when you could have gone back to the two other chicks you showed up with.

It’s very easy to hook up with sexy swingers and singles are sex parties as that is the whole purpose anyone shows up to those events. Just remember that you can still screw things up while getting down and dirty by saying something that you shouldn’t. Make sure you read about the 5 Things Women Don’t Want To Hear In The Bedroom!

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