5 Things You Might Not Know About Porn

Porn is a not so hush, hush topic anymore. More people express their love for porn and while others express their dislike for porn. There are some that watch it on a daily basis and there are some who watch it once in awhile or never anymore. Whatever the person decision to do with the regards of porn is their choice (unless it is child pornography, then that is just sickening). People tend to watch more online porn than DVD porn. Online porn is it for the porn industry as it seems hardly no one goes to an adult video store to purchase the DVDs. There are some facts that have been proven about porn.

5 Things You Might Not Know About Porn:

1. Utah is the naughtiest state: It has been reported that more people in the state of Utah purchase more porn than any other state. The online porn subscriptions purchases happens every 1,000 broadband users on a daily basis. The state with the less horny people is Montana. It has the lowest rate of porn sales.

2. Presidential elections are hot!: Apparently every time there is a presidential elections it seems that there is an increase in sales of porn. Researchers from Villanova and Rutgers University think that this is due to increase of testosterone for being on the winning teams. The increase of the hormone causes an increase in sex drive.

3. Women are turned on by everything: Many think that men are turned on by everything sexual, but in a studied from Northwestern University is had proven that women are the ones that are turned on by everything that is sexual. The university showed both men and women a variety of sexual videos such as masturbation, sex, nude actors, etc. It was shown that men have a clear target of what turns them on; for instance straight men were turned on by good looking women and gay men were turned on by men. For women, it was a bit confusing and they seemed to be turned on by any sexual activity. Some reported not to be in the mood, while others seemed to be turn on physically by pretty much anything such as girl on girl, guy on guy and even monkeys getting it on.

4. Men focus more on the facial expression: Many women think that the guy mainly focuses on the woman’s body, boobs and lower region more during the porn videos, but it is actually the face of the woman they pay attention to the most. They enjoy watching the facial expressions that the woman makes to see how turned on she is.

5. Underage watching of porn: The majority of men began watching porn at the age of 10. This is before they even reach puberty that they are watching porn or seeing pornographic pictures of naked people.

Now, that you know some interesting facts regarding porn. It is time that you go make your own porn movie. Make sure to check on the 5 Tips On How To Be Good At Sex.

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