The Weirdest Sex Laws In America

The United States has been known to have its fair share of strange laws. For example, did you know it’s illegal to wrestle a bear in Alabama? In New Orleans, it’s against the law to curse at a firefighter while they’re performing their duties. While in Oklahoma, it’s illegal to have a sleeping donkey in your bathtub after 7pm. In keeping with the tradition of strange laws, here is a list of weirdest sex laws in the United States.


The Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act in Alabama has criminalized the sale of sex toys. Selling or intent to sell a sex toy within state lines is punishable by a $10,000 fine or up to 1 year in prison.


Sleeping naked is illegal in Minnesota. It’s also against the law for a man to have intimate relations with a live fish; although it’s perfectly legal for a woman to do so.


In Connorsville, it’s illegal for a man to fire his gun while his female partner has an orgasm. What fun is sex without being able to shoot a gun?


In Bozeman, having sex in the front yard of a house is against the law if it’s after sundown, and if they’re nude.


They call Indiana the “Crossroads of America”. But did you know that it’s against the law to have oral sex within state lines? How un American (and downright crazy) is that?

How To Win A Wet T-Shirt Contest

The easiest way to win a wet t-shirt contest? Have really big boobs. You don’t have big boobs? Lucky for you – they’re pretty easily available for purchase these days. But, if that isn’t a practical option, here’s some other things you can do to shine:

1. Tie & Rip Your Shirt

For most wet t-shirt contests, the MC will hand all the contestants an oversized white shirt. Giant shirts aren’t sexy. Tie it up under your girls, tear the sleeves off, rip it down the middle to show off some cleavage. Do something to it to show off your figure under the circus tent-sized poncho you’ll be draped in.

2. Make an O-Face

Once the contest starts, remember your face when splashed with water. It’s probably going to be cold. Go for an O-face, not a  wince in the freezing cold splash.

3. Use Props

There’s gotta be a hose or a pitcher or some other method for dousing contestants. Take control of it! Just make sure you don’t slip and fall while doing so. And during the crowd judging, feel free to rip off that shirt entirely and cover up the twins with a classic hand bra to really hype up the crowd.

4. Bounce

Once your covered in water bounce your breasts , toss your hair and sway your hips. Get sexy & throw in a twerk or two.

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5 Pubic Hair Styles No One Wants To See

Let’s get one thing straight here, the type of hairstyle you like is totally subjective… especially when it comes to pubic hair. Also, this isn’t something that you’d typically be showing your friends and family so regardless of the style you choose, it won’t be on display like the hair on your head. The only thing that really matters is whether or not your partner enjoys the style as much as you do. However, there are a few styles that are more accepted than others and you can be sure that the following styles are on the lower side of the popularity scale.

Slightly Trimmed
If you’re going to trim, make some significant reductions. Nobody wants to see an out-of-control bush. So, if you’re going to take a trimmer down below, scale it back. Work it like a weed wacker.

Wild and Natural
Again, all this is subjective but for the most part, the all natural bush went out in the ’70s. Maybe it’ll work if you have that whole “hippy” look going for you, but for the most part, nobody want to see your bush running wild.

The Buckwheat
Unlike the “wild and natural” look, the Buckwheat is trimmed on all sides except for the hairs coming straight out. It almost looks like a bad 3D movie… the hair pops out and the skin is the background. Scary, to say the least.

Totally Shaved
Nobody wants to feel like they’re with someone who hasn’t gone through puberty (okay, maybe some people like that but we can’t condone it here). Even the most conservative people like a little bit of hair. Whether it’s a landing strip or a perfectly shaved “emblem”.

The Kid and Play
I don’t know what you come to do… But as much as I love old school hip-hop, this pubic trend needs to exit the dance floor. Long and dark, but shaved on all sides… You’ll need to break out a dance move just to see the prize. “Let’s Have a House Party!”

Look At All The Humorous Pussy Trims

Trustworthiness of Vagina

Have you ever think about what silly styles your girl can experiment on with her juice box? Seeing a nice, smooth juice box is always a great thing, but what if she is willing to more than the bikini line once in awhile. Trim Your Vagina Hair presents all of the silly designs a woman can cut her muff. The graphic time line demonstrates to you what designs are trustworthy and which ones are unreliable that you should stay away from.


It’s a amusing time line with titles and illustrations of how the muff is shaved. You will view styles such as The Egyptian Hairless, The Rising Sun, The Drunk Razor, The Target and many more.  You will be allowed to spread the love of this great graphic onto any other webpage with the HTML code that is provided on the webpage. Come view Trim Your Muff for the finest pictures of the silly styles of the pussy hair.