5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Sex Life

During long term relationships couples are always trying to improve their sex life. To keep the sex exciting couples try to experiment with positions, toys, or even adding someone else to the mix. Having a healthy and exciting sex life is very important to any relationship. When one or both partners are unhappy this could sometimes lead to cheating of some sort. There is 5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Sex Life:

Way #1: Communicate When You Don’t or Do Like Something.

If there is something that your partner is doing to your body that you do not like make sure to let them know. You need to be happy with your sex life. If your partner is doing something that you like make sure to let them know that too. People love receiving compliments; especially your partner.

Way #2: Don’t Develop A Routine.

When there is a routine when it comes to sex that can be extremely boring. This should not happen when sex is involved. Don’t schedule times when you are allowed to have sex. Sex should be special and spontaneous.

Way #3: Know Your Body.

Many people don’t take the time to learn and know their body and for this they don’t know what turns them on. Take the time to learn and know your body, so that your partner can please you to the best of their ability.

Way #4: Focus On The Sex.

There are some people that don’t put their full attention on the sex at that particular moment. In their minds they are thinking about what they should do tomorrow, what they forgot to do today, or whatever else. This is a big no, no. Your mind and body should both be enjoying sex.

Way #5: Did Some One Say Adult Sex Toys?

There is nothing wrong with introducing sex toys into your sex life. This doesn’t mean that a male’s “package” is small or it isn’t enough; all it means that you both can enjoy a erotic moment with each other. Sex toys doesn’t necessarily mean dildos or vibrators, but include handcuffs, whips, whip cream, cock rings, paddles, etc.

Creating and developing an enjoyable sex life is just as important as anything else in your relationship. Communication is key! Check out the Sex Toys Category to find the hottest and latest sex toys out there today.

Tips On How To Make An Open Relationship/ Marriage Work

Many wonder if open marriages work and if having an open relationship will really make the connection between you and your partner stronger. Most that do decide that this is the lifestyle for them get a large amount of backlash from their friends, family, and others. The majority of people argues the point of it damaging the relationship and makes a mockery of marriage itself.

For those who have decided that they will have an open marriage believe that they don’t have to worry about cheating and lying in their relationship. They believe their marriage is a hundred percent honest, because at night they can come home at night and swap stories about who they had slept with. There is cheating and lying in this type of relationship; the lie is in what marriage is suppose to be about; which is two individuals become one and spent their lives together. Granted some marriages fall apart due to falling out of love and other issues.

If you think that you can handle your loved one sleeping around and being totally honest about it as well as you doing the same thing. Then by all means open marriage is something for you. Here are some Tips On How To Make An Open Relationship/ Marriage Work:

1. Be honest.
2. You cannot become jealous of who your partner sleeps with.
3. Always use protection.
4. Be sure to have regular STD testing.
5. Communication is key.
6. If you want out of the lifestyle make sure to express this to your partner.

If you truly value and respect yourself and your partner then open marriage is not for you. Those that are involved in open marriages often hide the fact that they are in one due to the ridicule that their children might endure. With that said if you hide something then most of the time it’s due to shame. Think about what is best for you. If you are comfortable with the lifestyle then go for it.

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10 Songs To Get You In The Mood

  1. Montell Jordan – Get it on tonight
  2. Snoop Dogg – Sensual seduction
  3. LiL kim – Not Tonight
  4. Buck cherry – Crazy bitch
  5. Genuine- Pony
  6. My Neck, My Back� � Khia
  7. LL Cool J – Doin it
  8. Nine Inch Nails – Closer
  9. She wants revenge- Tear you apart
  10. Ludacris- Whats your fantasy

Things You Should Never Stop Doing When In a Relationship Part#1

You know when you first fall in love, “one” is blind to any flaws or simply don’t care. Such as your guy wearing the same shirt several times in the same week or his bad breath in the morning. At the beginning everything is great and tolerable. But as time passes by, these things start becoming annoying, they irritate the hell out of you.

But have you ever thought about the things that you do or don’t do that may be irritating/turning him off? It’s not a one way street. There’s things that us as women should never stop doing when in a relationship.

Here’s a helpful list on things you should never stop/discontinue while in a relationship:

  • 1. At the beginning of a relationship you were down to do just about anything with your guy, now when he calls and suggests a night of bowling or laser tag, you’re not up for it. You rather stay home watching TV. Though after being in a relationship these things slow down. Don’t shoot him down every time he suggests some of his favorite things to do. You once enjoyed and he did too, with you as companionship. Yield from time to time and grant him his request. You might end up having a blast just like you once did.
  • 2. The more comfortable you become with a guy, the more you might find yourself complaining about your body, such as feeling fat and such. Most likely you didn’t do this at the beginning when you felt like the hot, new girlfriend. Try to keep these complaints to yourself or to a minimum at the very least. It becomes annoying to guys.
  • 3. Sex in the mornings was probably the hottest back at the beginning, but lately you find yourself rushing out of bed on Saturday mornings to go to the gym. While this is okay, some days, you may consider staying in and making passionate love to your guy and then just kicking back with him. He might be missing this, so, give it to him.
  • 4. Don’t make federal cases in public about his annoying habit of contradicting you. Play it cool and when you’re alone with him let him know that he needs to chill out. However, don’t crack in public/in front of other people. Be the bigger person and keep your cool like you use to.
  • 5. Comfort is a double edge sword, while it’s utterly awesome to feel so comfortable around your guy that you can do anything it may not be in your best interest for you as you loose your feminine mystique. Refrain from applying your deodorant, clipping your toe nails or cleaning your ears in front of him. He probably doesn’t mind, but meanwhile, you’re whole mystique as a woman is vanishing right before his eyes.

Here at Fling Blog we have a ton more of things that you should never stop doing when in a relationship and things that you shouldn’t start doing while in a relationship. Tune into Fling Blog for Part#2 of: “Things You Should Never Stop Doing When In a Relationship.” This list may come in handier more than you could have ever imagined.

If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, it’s never too late to stop and reflect and discontinue some of your not so, hot habits and surprise him as you start changing your regular, comfortable routine around your guy. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to walk on pins and needles around your guy but a good balance wouldn’t hurt. It may even be a healthy thing for yourself as you start getting that new, hot girlfriend feeling back.