5 of the Weirdest Sex Positions

New and different sex positions don’t have to be a joke among your friends, but it’s way more hilarious if they are. Just practice a little common sense and you can take full advantage of some “weird” positions that turn out to be delightful variations on your routine. Or you might just cause serious bodily harm to each other. The choice is yours! Don’t say you were not warned.

The Kitchen Sink

Yes, you can have everything the weird reaches your sexual desire can fathom, including the kitchen sink. Shift her rump into the sink so she’s balancing on the ledge. Extra ‘Weird’ points for stacking up Hungry Man TV dinners for height, and creative use of the faucet spray wand. Points are deducted if she lands in last week’s lasagna dishes.

The Harness

Hope you got your knot-tying badge in Boy Scouts. It only takes a length of sturdy rope and your bedroom door to build a stationary sex swing. Loop the two upper corners of the door and then create a harness for her legs. Double points for any knots a seaman would be proud of; points deducted for closing the door and forgetting to take her down when you’re finished.

The Reverse Chicken Fight

This one requires four bodies, and one body of water. If you’ve ever played chicken at the beach, you know how this works — the girls are just backwards. This configuration (guys back to back) also has the added benefit of avoiding the dreaded, accidental sword fight. She will thank you later.

The Slinky

You’re going to get stares (actual stares) if you ever tell anyone you tried this. Start out 69ing on the top of the staircase — it’s much easier if they’re carpeted. Then flip positions on each other as you inevitably slide down the stairs mimicking, you guessed it, a Slinky. Extra points for backbends or handstands without a trip to the emergency room; points deducted for rug burns.

The Double Axel Lasso Lift

Starting face to face and then lifting her above your head, balance her on her palms with your arms extended upward while spinning in a counter-clockwise direction. Extra points for any change of position during the lift, clockwise and counter-clockwise rotation reverses, turning a carry lift into a rotational lift, and a release to one hand during dismount. Points deducted for briefly considering trying it while furrowing one’s brow, and opting instead for the missionary position.

7 Sexual Fetishes You May Actually Like

Are you sexually aroused by a situation or physical object? If so, you may have a fetish. And although some people may be embarrassed to admit they have one, it should be incorporated into a healthy sexual relationship. Take Bronies for example, if you started dating one, you may have to dress up as a My Little Pony character but isn’t it all worth it in the name of love? Okay, maybe the Bronie thing isn’t for you bust just in case you’re searching for a new one, here is a list of fun fetishes we’re sure you’ll enjoy.


Makeup & Hairstyles

Applying some bright red lipstick, dark eyeshadow and a creating a funky hairstyle is one of the easiest ways to change your look. The idea is to create a look that’s dramatically different from your everyday appearance.


Lots of couples are into bondage. It can be as simple as getting some silk scarves and tying your partner’s hands to the headboard, or if you want to get really hardcore you can break out the handcuffs. Don’t forget the safe word.

Role Playing

Try meeting at a bar at different times and assign one another different roles to play. You can decide who will try to hit on whom or you can make the whole thing one big surprise.


This fetish can get out of control quickly. First, the woman gets a couple more earrings on each ear, then she gets a belly ring and before you know it she has a tongue ring with a matching clitoris ring.

Leather & Latex

It’s easy to see why people develop a fetish for leather, latex, vinyl, rubber and pretty much any other material that’s shiny and skin tight.


There’s nothing like the thrill of getting caught. Of course, you don’t want to get arrested over a fetish either. That’s why it’s so much fun to have sex in a car with slightly tinted windows while parked at a walmart, but not in the middle of the street..


CFNM stands for Clothed Female Nude Male. The woman gets dressed up, usually in sexy stilettos and a short skirt, while the man is totally naked. During CFNM play, it’s the man who is the submissive one and the woman calls all the shots.

5 Masturbation Techniques You Need To Try (Woman)

Women are more picky about their masturbation techniques than men are. Let’s face it, women are more picky about most things. However, this is one area where you might want to stick to those high standards. Sure, your bare hand can always do the trick, but where is the fun in that? Where is the creativity? That’s why we’ve compiled a list of masturbation techniques that every woman should try at least once. When you find the one that works, you can stick with it. Or, you can go wild and try different methods when the mood strikes.


Incorporate a Vibrator

This is a no-brainer. Most women own a vibrator but if you’re one of the few that don’t, you should consider which one would be best for you. Whether it’s the Rabbit, the Hitachi Magic Wand or just a standard vibrator, one is sure to do the trick.


Use a Showerhead

Practical and handy, a detachable showerhead is the masturbation tool of choice for any girl who feels too embarrassed to own an actual sex toy.


The Glass Dildo

Most women agree that because of its firmness, glass dildos get the job done better than rubber ones. Plus, you can freeze the glass to get an incredible “arctic” experience that you can’t get with any other dildo.


Back Massagers

Without insertion and using the speeds progressively, rub the back massager around the outside of the vagina. Explore different areas until you find the right spot.


The Stop and Go Method

No matter what “tool” you use to get the job done, you can always incorporate the stop and go method. Right before you feel that you are about to climax, just stop for a few minutes and start again. Do this about 4 or 5 times to achieve one of the strongest orgasms ever.

5 Masturbation Techniques You Need To Try (Men)

For most people, even talking about masturbation is a taboo subject, but when you really start to think about it, it’s difficult to figure out why. After all, the benefits of masturbating as opposed to having sex are overwhelming. By pleasuring yourself you eliminate any chance of getting a sexually transmitted disease, there’s no chance of getting someone pregnant and there’s virtually no consequences. That’s why we’ve come up with this list of masturbation techniques that every man should try at least once.




The “Strange” Hand

Every guy knows about the stranger. They’re just too lazy to try it. If you’re right handed, use your left hand. If you’re left handed, use your right. You can also invert your grip to add even more “strange” to the action.


Dual Pillow Technique

This can be a messy, yet effective technique. Grab two pillows and place one on top of the other on a surface that’s the same height as your waistline. Insert your penis between the two and press down on the top pillow while you go to town (make sure to wash the pillows before you sleep on them).


The “Screwdriver”

This is one technique that you might want to break out the lube for, unless you want to get a serious case of road rash without the road. Simply twist your hand clockwise and counter clockwise as you masturbate. For maximum effectiveness, use alternate hands and speed.


Plastic Bag It

This method is a little out of left field but effective none the less. Grab a plastic bag and fill it with your favorite lubricant. Insert your penis and go to town. The best part about using this technique is that there is virtually no clean up necessary. Just toss the bag when you’re done.


The Banana Peel

If the plastic bag technique is out of left field, this one is out of the ballpark. The idea is that you peel a banana and use the peel to masturbate with. The inside of the peel is supposed to make for an incredible natural lubricant. Pro tip: you can still eat the banana.

 If you’ve gone through this list maybe its time to find a Fling.

5 Ways To Help Your Woman Climax

For guys, it’s easy to take orgasms for granted. After all, the only thing needed is a free hand and a few minutes. But for some girls, it’s not that simple. That’s why we’ve come up with a short list of ways that you can help your girl achieve the ever elusive climax.

Use Foreplay

Many women can achieve an orgasm on their own by master bating so why not help them out? She’ll be happy you’ll be able to observe her technique.

Perform Oral

Some women can’t have an orgasm through oral stimulation alone, but it can’t hurt to try.

Try Different Positions

Many women can’t achieve an orgasm unless they’re in a certain position, which, of course, tends to be their favorite. Make it your mission to find that position.


Switch Speeds & Angles

Whether it’s in a car or in the bedroom, guys usually like to go one speed – fast. Switch up your speed as well as the angle of your approach and she’ll find it to be a much better ride.


Use Toys

Sex toys don’t have to be a last resort. They can be fun anytime but what better excuse do you need to try them out than to help your girl have a faster, stronger orgasm?