How Blake Lively Became A Savage

Blake Lively is an official savage now and not just a Gossip Girl. The young and beautiful actress is best known for her role on CW’s Gossip Girl, but as of late she’s been hitting the big screen in such movies such as “The Green Lantern.” her latest role is “O” in Savages, Oliver Stone’s latest movie. It’s been a minute since Mr. Oliver Stone has released one of his crude and rude, epically awesome flicks. But he’s back with a bang and dragged the lovely Gossip Girl into the journey of his new film called “Savages“.

Blake Lively plays the girlfriend of pot growers “Ben” and “Chon,”(Blake Lively, “O” is part of a modern day threesome.) She’s a sexy gal with two boyfriends, a bad ass with a dope addiction that loves to have sex with her hunky boyfriends. The sex scenes in this film are very strong in nature which makes Blake Lively a total savage as she steps out of her safety zone and out her Green Hornet costume for much less.

She is later kidnapped by Mexican war lords, played by Bencio Del Toro and the gorgeous Selma Hayek. She becomes adored by Selma Hayek which she herself, is a natural born savage. “Savages” is action packed, raunchy and will take you for a ride you never anticipated. The acting is superb as well as super intense! Total edge of your seat material sprinkled with tranquilizer. A must see!

If you’re Blake Lively fan, you’ll see her like you’ve never seen her before, unless you’ve seen “The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee.” It’s an Indie gem in which, Blake lively stars as the “young Pippa.” Though her character in this movie is not as off the chain as in Savages, you begin to see where her savage roots began to sprout. Also, a must see!

Tell us all her on Fling Blog what you think of Blake Lively’s performance in “Savages,” we’d love to hear all your comments and opinions!

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