Top 10 Christmas Themed Sex Toys

Some people truly enjoy the Holiday season and they try to get everything themed for the holidays. The house is decorated from top to bottom with Santa Claus, snowmans, elfs and candy canes. What you don’t expect is to find hidden in their rooms are Christmas themed sex toys. Seems surprising to you that they will have these types of toys? Well, rest assures that they do exist and there are tons of people out there who have them.

Top 10 Christmas Themed Sex Toys:

1. Santa’s Lil’ Helper: This is a vibrator that is colored as a candy cane. Apparently, Santa’s helper wants to give you pleasure this year for Christmas.

2. Snowman Spank Paddle: In the shape of Frosty the Snowman is a paddle that can be used to spank her if she was naughty this year.

3. Red Candy Cane Glass Double Penetration Dildo: This dildo is in the shape of a candy cane and is colored like one too. Be prepared to experience lots of joy while feeling incredible pleasure from both holes.

4. I Rub My Duckie: This is a classic rubber duckie dressed in a Santa Claus outfit and is ready to vibrate on your clit.

5. Rudolph Reindeer Musical G-String: This g-string is made the kinky males who don’t mind showing off their goodies in a different way.

6. The X-Mas Tuggie: Is it cold outside? No worries, they have made a Snuggie for a man’s cock. It will keep his cock warm until a mouth can be placed over it.

7. Santa Vibe: Santa Claus really wants to get into some of the naughty girls this year. The tagline for this toy states, “MRS. CLAUS IS CUMING TO-NIGHT!” Priceless!

8. Naughty Secret Santa Tingle Gele: Is a gel that you put on the man’s cock so that it becomes a big candy cane that you can suck on. Peppermint flavored cocks are the best, right?

9. Elf Costume: Ladies, slip into this sexy outfit and give Santa some help in the bedroom.

10. Santa’s Coming! Bag: This is a bag that is full of goodies that anyone can enjoy alone or with someone else.

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Top 5 Most Expensive Sex Toys

There are some people who decide that money is of no concern when it comes to purchasing a sex toy that is going to deliver the most intense orgasm of their life. Granted some of the sex toys on this list might only be used by the wealthy population due to how expensive they are, but it is nice to see what kind of sex toys you can purchase if you had the funds to do so. The list below ranges from most expensive to least expensive.

Top 5 Most Expensive Sex Toys:

1. Gold Tickler: This toy is made of 18 karat gold and marabou feathers. The marabou is an African stork. The toy does resemble a feather duster, but the price does not. If you want this toy that very few people have it will cost you $4,506.

2. Silver Butt Plug with Horse Tail: If you are into anal play and horse role playing this is the toy for you. The shaft is made of solid silver and attached is an actual horse’s mane. This toys shaft is twisted to look like a unicorn’s horn. Worth around $3,475.

3. Platinum Vibrator With Diamonds: Looking for a vibrator that is made to “redefine the context and perception of sexual well-being” then you have found it. This vibrator is made from “proprietary technology” and is made with 28 diamonds that are encrusted at the tip. This high class toy will cost you $3,250.

4. Sterling Silver and Cherry Wood Spanking Rod: For those that love getting spanked check out this stylish spanker. The designer of this toy name is Betony Vernon and it will cost you $3,066.

5. The Thrill Hammer: This toy is customized to fit the buyers need and it is almost guaranteed to make any person have the greatest orgasm of their life. This toy weighs around 700 pounds and might be intimating at first to any sexual thrill seeker. This bundle of fun will cost you $2,000.

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Is Using Glass Sex Toys Safe?

Many people ask Is Using Glass Sex Toys Safe? The answer to that is that they are very safe to use. They come in all sizes and shapes to tend to an individual’s liking. They are also available curved, textured or smooth. The glass sex toys are also safe to use for anal stimulation as well as vaginal stimulation. There are several pros to owning a glass sex toy instead of a rubber sex toy.

Glass dildos will last you a lifetime if you care for it properly. They can be expensive, but it is honestly well worth it. Most of the glass dildos are hand blown and made out of Pyrex which is borosilicate glass. The glass is hypoallergenic, so those who are allergic to latex can use this as an alternative method to get off. Sex toys should always be cleaned before and after use. Cleaning the toy properly will ensure no bacteria growth and glass toys are completely easier to clean and maintain clean. You can clean them with anti-bacterial soap and warm water. Since glass toys are non-porous they do not trap bacteria.

Another great feature of a glass dildo is that it can be warmed or cooled to add more pleasure for the individual. To warm up the toy all you need to do is place it in warm water and it will retain heat some a period of time. To cool the toy you will need to put it in cold water or place it in the refrigerator not the freezer.

With any sex toy you should use some type of lubricant whether it is oil or water based. The toy will now feel absolutely amazing inside of you or your partner. If you are into anal play they do have several glass toys made for that type of play as well. Make sure to use the proper toy for anal play, the one that has a base for safety.

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LELO Wireless Remote Control Sex Toy

LELO Wireless Remote Control Sex Toy is what every person should have as a sex toy. This leading designer of luxury sex toys has taken their products up a notch. The Nintendo Wii motion technology has been used in creating the new remote control sex toys. There are currently three LELO sensemotion toys called the Lyla, Tiani and Oden.

Lyla is their wireless egg vibrator. It can be used internally or externally. From personal experience any egg vibrator feels better externally, especially on the clit. Lyla is available in three colors; cerise, deep rose and black. Tiani is simply remarkable sex toy as to which it can be worn by the woman during intercourse or for her own self pleasure experience. Tiani is available in two colors; deep rose and black. Oden is the cock ring with more style and sensation. It is made with the “smoothest silicon”” to make sure the man feels 100 percent comfortable. Oden is only available in black.

All of the wireless remotes have a range of 12 meters which is 39 feet and the vibrations that are said to be powerful are adjusted by the person who is doing all the controlling. The actual controller also slightly vibrates so that you can feel what your partner is feeling. All three toys are waterproof and rechargeable. The sensemotion sex toys are the perfect couples enjoyment tools to spice up any relationship. The prices for these sex toys are as follows Lyla $139, Tiani $159 and Oden $179; which are relatively cheap considering the sensemotion and compared to other LELO toys.

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Top 10 Ridiculous Sex Toys Of All Time

Adding sex toys into your sex life can really spice things up. They can help a couple learn more about each other’s body for them to see what feels good and what doesn’t feel good. Picking the right toy for your needs could be hard and may have a trial and error phase. But there are some sex toys and products that have no place in your bedroom. These toys are completely pointless and are a waste of money.

Top 10 Ridiculous Sex Toys Of All Time:

1. Anal Ring Toss: Just as the name says that is what this product is. One person puts an anal plug into their ass while someone else throws rings at it.

2. Bang O Meter: This is a cock ring that keeps track of how many strokes the man gets into his partner. Does it really have a purpose? No.

3. Music Condom: This is a condom with a animal or some type of character at the time that sings a tune while the man is thrusting inside.

4. Malibu Betty: Want to dye your pubic hair blue? Then go right ahead with this specially made dye for that down there area of hair.

5. 18 Again: This is a cream that is made to take away the woman’s vagina wrinkles and make the vagina tighter.

6. Comfortably Numb Deep Throat Spray: There is a reason to why the body produces a gag reflex. No need to numb it completely and risk damaging the inside of the throat.

7. Pussy Foot: What in the world is that you might be asking yourself? Well, it is a foot that has a pussy cutout on the bottom.

8. Artificial Hymen Kit: This is childish and kind of sick when you really think about it. Why would a woman need to fake that she is a virgin? Honestly is the best policy.

9. Teddy Bear Vibe Hider: Why does a grown woman need to hide her vibe? Plus, why is the secret compartment a damn stuffed animal? Someone is a little bit too young to be playing with adult toys.

10. Linger Internal Feminine Flavor: Breathe mint for the vagina? Do I need to say more? I think not.

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