5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Sex Life

During long term relationships couples are always trying to improve their sex life. To keep the sex exciting couples try to experiment with positions, toys, or even adding someone else to the mix. Having a healthy and exciting sex life is very important to any relationship. When one or both partners are unhappy this could sometimes lead to cheating of some sort. There is 5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Sex Life:

Way #1: Communicate When You Don’t or Do Like Something.

If there is something that your partner is doing to your body that you do not like make sure to let them know. You need to be happy with your sex life. If your partner is doing something that you like make sure to let them know that too. People love receiving compliments; especially your partner.

Way #2: Don’t Develop A Routine.

When there is a routine when it comes to sex that can be extremely boring. This should not happen when sex is involved. Don’t schedule times when you are allowed to have sex. Sex should be special and spontaneous.

Way #3: Know Your Body.

Many people don’t take the time to learn and know their body and for this they don’t know what turns them on. Take the time to learn and know your body, so that your partner can please you to the best of their ability.

Way #4: Focus On The Sex.

There are some people that don’t put their full attention on the sex at that particular moment. In their minds they are thinking about what they should do tomorrow, what they forgot to do today, or whatever else. This is a big no, no. Your mind and body should both be enjoying sex.

Way #5: Did Some One Say Adult Sex Toys?

There is nothing wrong with introducing sex toys into your sex life. This doesn’t mean that a male’s “package” is small or it isn’t enough; all it means that you both can enjoy a erotic moment with each other. Sex toys doesn’t necessarily mean dildos or vibrators, but include handcuffs, whips, whip cream, cock rings, paddles, etc.

Creating and developing an enjoyable sex life is just as important as anything else in your relationship. Communication is key! Check out the Sex Toys Category to find the hottest and latest sex toys out there today.

The Incredible Edible Lube

So many different types of Lube, for so many different uses. “is it really necessary?” you ask, No.. but it can be a fun addition to your sex life. Lubes come in 3 main types Oil Based “the old school lube” like Vaseline is only recommended for men masturbating or hand jobs. The oil destroys latex and can cause vaginal infections. Water based “The majority rule”  great for use with condoms and sex toys, this is the most common type of lube especially if your new to the art of artificially lubricated love making. Silicone based lube “The newbie” is best when used with latex products ( not silicon products ). Silicone retains its slipperiness much longer than water based which has added to its new found popularity especially in the Anal Sex department. There are also many exciting flavors you might consider trying Strawberry, kiwi, g or perhaps warming lube will compliment your session. Its your sex life, explore your options.

Sex Toys Violet Rapture

Today is all about the Sex Toys Violet Rapture. This toy is a small but powerful three way climax joy! It has a main portion for the insertion of the vagina as well as clitoral and anal ticklers. There is a spin dial controller that allows you to change the intensity of vibration, so that you can reach your climax faster or you can prolong your climax.

This sex toy works well if you are alone and works even better if you have a partner to play with. Many have used this toy during foreplay to get the woman extra wet and ready. Whenever you choose to use the Sex Toys Violet Rapture you surely will not be disappointed.

Using Vibrators During Sex

There is no shame in a couple Using Vibrators During Sex. Let’s face it; most women own a vibrator to use it when there is no man in sight. Some of discovered the wonders of using it during sex with their boyfriend, husband, or booty call. The simply use of a toy will bring the feeling of new and exciting sensations. Of course adding multiple orgasms to your night!

There are different ways to incorporate the use of an vibrator:

1. Oral- While you (as the man or woman) are enjoying the taste of your partner down there, slide in the vibrator inside and continue licking the clit. This will drive her insane!

2. Clit Stimulation- To give more clit stimulation during penetration use the bullet vibrator aka clitoral vibrator. As you are thrusting inside her, she could be holding in place the bullet on her clit.

3. Penis Vibration- Not only is the vibrator amazing for women, you (as the man) can enjoy the wonders of it too. You can ask your women to slide the vibrator up and down your erected shaft for a sensation that you will enjoy too.

Remember Using Vibrators During Sex is perfectly normal and can bring some much needed spice in your sexual relationship! Enjoy!

Sex Toys Fleshlight

Today’s Sex Toys Fleshlight. This is a male sex toy and it has been around for a long time. What makes this toy very popular is that it is very discreet (closes with a top to look like a flashlight) and the pleasure is close enough to if you were having the real thing. This toy is ultimately better than using your hand!

Some warm up the Fleshlight to give it a more realistic feel while they pleasure themselves. You must use lubrication with this toy. Feeling lonely tonight? Go out and buy yourself the next best thing to a woman, the Sex Toys Fleshlight!