Sex Toys Three Extra Inches

Hey ladies and gentlemen, there is no shame to talk about using an extension for the penis. Women should not be afraid to recommend this item to their partners, just because they are afraid of hurting the guyís feelings. Ladies itís your sex life too, and you should be happy to the fullest. Now men please do not be offended by the request of your partner to use this wonderful toy once in awhile in your sex life. It doesnít mean that she doesnít love your penis already, she just needs a little more sometimes. Men there is no shame in wanting to give your lover something extra.

Now this little toy is both pleasurable for him and her. She will be getting more length and girth and he will be getting erotically-textured inner walls for his own add sensation. This toy does come with a scrotum strap for added stability. You may also use lube inside and outside for more sensual sensations. They come in all different colors to best suite your preference.

Donít be afraid to tell your partner you want to have this toy for this weekend. It will bring you both a much more erotic sexual experience. Go out and have lots of sex!

Sex Toys Kama Sutra Massage Kit

This week on Sex Toys we are featuring a Kama Sutra Massage Kit, this toy best works with a partner. Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian text that is referred and the practice of human sexual behavior. There are many of such kits that contain a variety of components inside. You may have to do a little bit of research to choose what kit best fits your needs.

What typically comes in these kinds of kits are a variety of different essential oils for different kinds of mood setting massages, a feather applicator, a blind fold, and candles.

This is the kind of kit you want to have a sensual passionate night with your partner.

Sex Toys Vibrating Boy Shorts

Our first toy that we will be introducing this week is called Vibrating Boy Shorts. This little number serves as regular sexy boy shorts underwear but has a secret slit in the front to insert a clitoral stimulator inside. You can use these boy shorts under clothing and get your satisfaction anytime and anywhere you go. You may use the bullet (clitoral stimulator) with or without the shorts.

Hand over the remote control of the bullet and give your partner complete control over your pleasure area. For example: You are at the movie theaters and your partner continuously gives you burst of excitement. By the time the movie is over you are going to be so turned on and ready for the fun that is going to go down in the bedroom (if you can wait that long). Now that sounds like a good time.

See you next Friday with a all new toy that I will be introducing. Donít want to use the toy by yourself? Join an adult personals site and meet other singles.

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Here at we have added a new category called Sex Toys; which we will be updating every Friday, so that you can have a new weekend toy to enjoy. We will be bringing you the new and sexiest adult toys out there.

Adding sex toys to your sex life is a sure way to make things more intense in the bedroom between you and your lover. Even if you don’t have a lover; most sex toys can be used by yourself.

Make sure to check back every Friday for the new Sex Toys updates.