How To Throw A Swinger Party

Have you ever met a swinger? They’re smooth. They’re the kids from “Weird Science” after they met Kelly LeBrock. The guys are like “Cool Hand Luke” before he was considered cool and the girls are as open as a 24-hour 7-eleven. Does that sound like the lifestyle for you? If so, we’ve come up with a list of things that can help you get into the swing of things.


Get to Know a Bunch of Loose Women

Loose women can be found at bars, supermarkets or even government offices. The trick is getting to know them and being personable enough to invite them to a very private party when the time comes.


Make A Lot of Unrelated Friends

Nobody wants to be in an awkward sexual situation with their cousin (okay, some people do) and unless you’re cool with having your “regular” friends knowing you’re a swinger, you’ll want to keep your swinger friends away from from your regular friends and family.


Have An Awesome Pad

Women tend to melt at the sight of an awesome ride or a cool ocean-side apartment. If you get yourself a decent bachelor pad, you can expect to be a decent bachelor.

History of Swinging – The 400 Year Old Sexual Taboo [INFOGRAPHIC]

Swinging: Been Around For 400 Years, Where Have You Been?

The practice of “swinging,” although taboo to many, has a long history dating back at least 400 years. Before taking a look at the evolution of the practice, let’s define the distinct set of parameters that make it unique from other sexual practices.

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