7 Celebrities Who Are All About Sex

Most modern day celebrities have it all; fancy cars, million dollar mansions and people that wait on them hand and foot. With so many of life’s luxuries at their disposal, it should come as no surprise that many celebrities are obsessed with another form of instant gratification — sex. The following is a list of celebs that, besides being known as giants in their respective industries, are also just as well known for being all about sex.

Taylor Swift

Will Taylor Swift ever, ever, ever keep her legs together? I guess you don’t really have to when you’re a blonde bombshell millionaire in your mid-twenties.



Howard Stern

Known to his loyal fans as being, “The King of all Media”, Howard Stern has a reputation for being as obsessed with sex as he is with Bababooey’s teeth.

Tracy Morgan

“I’m gonna make you pregnant” is Tracy Morgan’s signature line. If he’s not taking his lines from a script he’s usually talking about women’s feet and his strange affinity for c-section scars… Yikes!


Katie Price

Her celebrity status definitely isn’t as big in the US as it is in England, but after announcing that she was having a 48-hour sex marathon back in 2009, Katie Price’s name will always be associated with sex.


David Duchovny

This ex X-Files star was so vocal about his sex addiction that it actually helped him land a leading role in the Showtime series, “Californication”.


Jesse James

Remember this guy? If so, you’d probably like to forget. Jesse James turned from “bad boy” to straight up scumbag in the eyes of the public after cheating on Sandra Bullock with tattoo artist Kat Von D.


Tiger Woods

Maybe the most infamous celebrity turned sex addict, Tiger Woods’ obsession with sex cost him his marriage, millions of dollars in endorsements and the respect of the general public.

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