Neighbors Talk About Amanda Bynes Odd Behavior

Recently Amanda Bynes was arrested for drug possession and throwing out her bong out the window. It seems that this isn’t the first time that Bynes neighbors have been on guard with the ex-child actress. Neighbors talk about Amanda Bynes odd behavior with the press recentely and it seems that they all believe that she needs help in the mental department. The neighbors are left feeling extremely uneasy with Bynes living in their apartment building.

The group of neighbors spoke of Bynes by stating, “She just stares at people. Her eyes look really messed up. It’s very clear she’s not just smoking pot. When you see her, you’re nervous to even be in the elevator with her. Sometimes she’s really dressed up, studded Louboutins and white jeans but with tanning lotion all over her and carrying her big gold bag. Other times she is so insanely disheveled in Adidas flip-flops and sweats with her hair all messed up.”

They continued, “It’s clear from very far away, just by looking at her and the way she acts, that she has issues. She stumbles. She sways and can barely stand up straight. She walks into people a lot. She just doesn’t have any regard for people around her or where she is going.”

It seems that everyone believes she is in need of major help, but Bynes doesn’t want to believe that she is losing it mentality. She cannot be conservatorship even though she has definitely done and acted very strangely. Hopefully soon enough she will realize that she needs help and she should definitely ask for it.

Bynes has been quite talkative via her personal Twitter account stating that she never threw anything out the window, that the cops illegally entered her home and that she was sexually assaulted by one of the police officers. She states that she will be suing a few people soon enough and she can no longer discuss the case due to her lawyers request.

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