5 Things Men Want During Sex

There are just some things that really turns men on during the heat of the moment. They are looking for certain sexual activities that will get their blood flowing throughout their entire bodies. Most women think they already know what a man wants, but in reality they don’t have a clue. Well, they might have some type of clue, but they still need to learn a few tricks to get their guy really going when the doors are closed. Here are the 5 Things Men Want During Sex:

1. Riding Cowgirl: Men absolutely love this position for many reasons and I am going to tell you about a few. First, they love the way their woman’s private sits on their junk. Second, they love watching their woman’s boobs just bounce and jiggle. Third, they don’t have to do any type of work, but to sit back and enjoy the show.

2. Experiments: A man enjoys it when his girl is up to try anything at least once. If he asks her to get into this odd position and she does, but the position didn’t work. He is still pleased and turned on at the fact that she was even willing to try it out.

3. Dirty Talk: Most women are shy to talk dirty while getting it on, but they just have to get over it. Men love it when a woman talks dirty to him because it really helps him get into the mood and stay there. He is intrigued by what you are telling him to do and what you are telling him that you like.

4. Don’t Hold Back: A woman doesn’t have to be crazy loud (though that is a plus), but even low to medium moans are nice for a man to hear. It lets him know that you are enjoying yourself and that he is doing something right.

5. Give Compliments: These compliments do not have to be over the top and super cheesy, but say something that is nice and keeps him going. Tell him how much you enjoy him inside of you and that you love the way he moves his hips while he is thrusting you.

Men like to know that they are doing a good job when they are having sex. Their main goal is to please you and of course to get off themselves. Next time you are getting it on with your dude don’t forget these tips and show him that you know what he wants in the bedroom. Take a look at the 5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Sex Life.


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