7 Things To Never Do After A Fling

Every once in awhile most people will experience a fling or a one night stand, but there are rules of how to do it correctly. Most adults know not to expect a love connection to come out of a fling or one night stand. The point of having a fling is just to satisfy your sexual urges and then you move on. There is no reason to stay around or try to make a love connection out of nothing. For those who aren’t experts on how to deal with a fling there are some guidelines that you should know and there are definitely some things that you shouldn’t do after having a fling.

Do not stay around for the morning after.

If you happen to stay the night, because you were simply too exhausted to go home after your kinky sex, then it’s best just to wake up and leave. When doing this you don’t have to worry about any awkward conversations or experience the other person trying to make your one night stand into something that it isn’t. If you are able to leave right away, then that is truly the perfect way to end a fling.

Do not become nosey while in your fling’s home.

There is no point for you to look around and check out their stuff. The point of having a fling is not to get to know the person, but to get some and get out. You surely don’t want to know more about the person whom you will only have sex with once. Plus, if you look around you might see something that you didn’t want to see.

Make sure your clothes are accessible.

When you are done getting it on it is time for you to put on your clothes and get out of there. It’s extremely awkward when you are there trying to find all of your clothing articles. The person who you just slept with is watching your every move and simply waiting for you to get out of their space. In the midst of the hot and heavy encounter make sure you put all of your clothes to the side of the bed or near the chair.

Do not suggest going out for breakfast.

We’ve gone over that you should leave as soon as possible after your night of fun, but sometimes for different reasons you may not be able to leave that quickly. If you are both awake at the same time in the morning, there is no reason to be kind and invite this person out for breakfast. If you invite this person out for breakfast just to be polite, then you are giving off the vibe that you want something more than just a fling. Basically, you are having a breakfast date and that’s not what you want to have at the end of the day.

Do not take any items of your fling’s house on purpose or by mistake.

First off, if you take something that does not belong to you that is called stealing. You definitely don’t want the police called on you over something so petty. Try not to take something by mistake either, because you will probably still have the police called on you and that is not cool.

Do not even bother exchanging numbers.

Once again there is no reason to try to pretend that your over night sex was something more than a fling or a one night stand. There is absolutely no reason to try to exchange phone numbers, because then you are sending the wrong message to your fling buddy. If you do want to exchange numbers, because the person was a good lay, then do so, but make sure they understand that you only want to hook up and have a no strings attached type of relationship.

Do not mention where you live at.

Make sure you don’t give out your home or work address, because the last thing you need is a needy fling stalking you. Keep those types of information to yourself.

The most important thing about flings and one night stands is that you and the other person are only involved with each other for a night. Make sure you have low expectations, in the sense that you aren’t expecting to find your true love in the clubs or what not. If you follow these rules, then you will never be disappointed when having a fling or a one night stand. You can easily satisfy your sexual urges and not hurt anyone along the way.

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