5 Texting Mistakes Men Make

We are in a digital age, but you need to be careful when texting a woman. There are some dos and don’ts and you don’t want to get caught up in a mistake that may cause you a date. You can easily kill the attraction you build up with a simple text mistake. Take mind to the following five tips and you should be safe. Here are the 5 Texting Mistakes Men Make:

1. Don’t send useless texts.

Make sure that if you are sending a text, that there is actually a reason for the message. Sending a text that really has no value is useless. Women don’t want you to waste their time, so if you are going to send her a text, make sure it is worth her time to read it and reply back.

2. Keep your message content clean.

You may want to send a dirty message or get a little sexual with your message but you need to stay away from doing this until the relationship has reached that level. Sending a dirty text too soon is going to give the impression that the only thing you have on your mind is sex and it is going to send your girl running as fast as she can.

3. Keep your conversation to a minimum.

The last thing you want to do is have a lengthy conversation through text. You need to get right to the point in a text and keep it short and sweet. Attempting to have a conversation through text is going to keep you out of the boyfriend category and it may land you a spot in the friend section.

4. Don’t overdo the texting.

You want to stay away from sending too many consecutive text messages before receiving a reply. Sending text after text and not giving her a chance to reply is only going to show instability on your part and that you have no life of your own.

5. Planning the first date.

The first date is important and she is going to want to see you in person to make the plans or at the very least hear your voice over the phone. She may not take you seriously if you decide to make your plans for the first date via text. It is very impersonal and you may come across as if you are using text messaging to hide something. Do things the right way and avoid texting date plans for your first date.

Pay attention to these tips as these are very common problems that you need to be aware of in the digital age. Avoid making these mistakes and you should do quite well with the ladies. Once your relationship gets more serious, then you need to read about the 5 Foods That Increase Your Sex Drive.

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