How To End Your Summer Fling

end your summer flingSummer is often the season of romance; spending afternoons raging at festivals or strolling on the beach together.  As fall approaches and the leaves start changing, however, it could be time for your summer fling to come to an end. If you can do this compassionately, so that nobody feels devastated, that is best. Here are some tips on how to end your summer fling.


Let It Drift Away

Is this a summer fling that neither of you ever took very seriously? If so, then one way to break up is to let you both just drift away from the relationship when the summer ends. Sometimes this is easier and more compassionate for the other person than trying to explain to them why they just aren’t the right person for you.

If you are going to take this approach, first stop initiating contact between you. Your activities as a couple will dwindle, and eventually you can stop responding to their text messages and e-mails, or take a long time to do so. If they ask for some explanation, you can come up with a reason that does not make it personal. Just say something like you’re focusing on different goals now that the summer is over, and the time isn’t right for a relationship.


Plan Your Breakup Speech

If your summer romance was more serious than that, you will need to have a breakup speech. Imagine that you are going for an important client meeting or job interview. Of course, you would plan out in advance the main points that you want to cover, and rehearse what you want to say before you get there. Take the same approach to breaking up with your summer fling.

Think about whether you want to end things completely, or if you want to make it a temporary breakup, or even just transition to a friendship. You might regret it if you sever all ties completely, so plan what you would like. Also, think about the reasons you want to cite. Are you heading different directions in the fall? Have there been problems in the relationship? Decide on the major points you want to make.


Break Up In Person

It seems like it is easier on your end if you break up with a person by phone call, text message, or e-mail, but it shows more respect for them if you make the effort to have the breakup conversation in person. During the discussion, go over the points you planned out. Be honest about your reasons for breaking up, but try not to be cruel. Don’t blame the other person or make it all their fault. Ideally you can still be friendly with them afterwards.

Going On After The Breakup

Once your relationship is over, your life will go back to what it was like before. Be courteous and respectful towards your new ex. Don’t gossip about them or say bad things about them to others, and don’t talk too much about the breakup or why you did it. Remember that you may still have contact with them in the future, so be nice.


If They Keep Calling Stop Answering

Sometimes one fling will be more attached to the other and more inclined to keep the romances past its prime. Don’t fuel the fire or hopes by responding. If they aren’t picking up on the clue that its over stop paying attention to their texts and don’t pick up calls. It just prolongs the inevitable and taints the memory.

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