5 Sex Toys Every Couple Should Try Once

Who doesn’t like to play with toys? Especially when the toys are the kind that kids can’t play with. Those sound like fun toys to me. The following is a list of toys that you should never show to kids under 18 and even when they are over 18, they still might not be ready for the kind of “entertainment” that these toys provide.


This is a given. You can’t go wrong by using a vibrator. Small and handy is the way to go for less experienced girls. After that you can move on to the larger models.

Artificial Vaginas

This marvelous invention of modern sex is, in one word, incredible. Just think about the porn star you want to bang, and these folks probably have an artificial Vag for it. But, don’t tell your girl… For all she knows it’s just another rubber contraption to stick your dick in.

Anal Beads

Just like the vibrators, you want to start small and move up in size gradually (if at all) with this one. This probably shouldn’t even be considered a “toy”. It’s kind of hardcore and some of the larger ones can be used as weapons.

The Sybian

Some people would describe the Sybian more like a piece of furniture than a sex toy.

Real Dolls

If you would consider the Sybian a piece of furniture, then you can call this thing a companion. The “Real Doll” can be created to any customer’s specifications including height, weight, eye/hair color, facial features and more.

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