New Japanese Sex Robot Doll

The New Japanese Sex Robot Doll is the talk of the sex industry right now. Everyone knows that Japan is the leading country when it comes to technology. There is no question to the advancements they have in this field compared to every other country. Japan is also in the front when it comes to making adult videos and sex toys. It has been said and joked about that the Japanese are extremely horny due to the men ratio to women is very high, so they need other sexual venues to get themselves off. Who really knows the truth? Maybe they are just using their knowledge to continue developing the best technology out there.

They have now come up with a Japanese woman sex robot! Can you believe that? This new sex toy has all the facial expressions, movements and vocals just as a real woman. I am sure by now that most have heard about the Japanese scientist who developed a system and device that allows you to transmit hugs and kisses through the internet. When I heard about that it blew my mind, but after watching the video about the sex robot I am truly amazed on the perfect replica of a Japanese woman.

The video doesn’t show what the sex robot is packing underneath the clothes and not much information has been revealed about it. But take a look and see what you think about it. For those dudes that don’t like actually having a real girlfriend this will be the perfect alternative for not having a real girlfriend. He will be able to have conversations (or not), don’t worry about spending money on her and getting his sex fix a number of times daily.

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