5 Things That Happen In Movie Sex Scenes That Don’t Happen In Real Life



It’s plain and simple, like Mitch in City Slickers said, “Women need a reason to have sex.  Men just need a place”.  We all watch movies and we all have the “Awww I want that” thought, but wake up ladies! The day a sexy hot billionaire, eyeing you in a club, and then whisking you away in his private helicopter are about as likely to happen as seeing a unicorn fly and pee glitter!  Here are five things that happen in movie sex scenes that, unfortunately, just don’t happen in real life:

1)       You wake up with your make up still looking flawless – sike!  You know we all wake up after a night of dancing with mascara and eyeliner under the eyes, our breath smelling like tequila shots, and uh…  chances are “that guy” just might not be as good looking as he was with your drunk eyes in dark club.

2)       It gets so intense that he rips your clothes off – false!  I’m sorry, but if a man rips my favorite top or pencil skirt I’d be sending him an invoice the morning after!  Don’t rip my clothes! Unless of course, you’re Mr. Grey!

3)       The sheet is covering all the right places – yeah right!  You know, it’s just over his legs, but showing off his nice firm butt, and covers your nipples just slightly to give him a tease?  You know right??  No.  The sheet is always in the wrong place. It’s wedged between your legs where he should be or gets tangled when you’re trying to change positions and your foot gets stuck – yeah, that’s the sheet I know.

4)       The romantic caressing and cuddling after awesome sex – haha!  If he doesn’t cum and pass out or go off and start playing Call of Duty you’ve got a charmer lady!  No man “just cuddles” any more… and ladies, we’re guilty too, of just rolling over and tweeting about “this guy” before we even put our panties back on.  #bringbackcuddling

5)       Awesome first thing in the morning sex with the sun beaming through the shades – huh? This does not happen, especially if you have kids!  First thing in the morning are all you girl. Getting the kids ready for school, packing lunches, or taking 45 minutes to blow dry your hair before work.  Or, if you’re like me – part of the 5amclub you’re already in the gym doing squats before he wakes up. Nope – ain’t nobody got time for that!



Why Everyone Should Learn About Tantric Sex

Simply put, Tantra is a form of meditation that originated in India. Tantric Sex, also known as Neotantra, is a modern version of the ancient technique which incorporates elements of the meditation into sex. Tantric sex can be practiced alone, with a partner or even in large groups.


However, many people who practice tantra in its original meditative form feel like the true nature of the technique has been mostly overlooked in western civilization. This is mostly because it has been tied so closely to sexuality as opposed to spirituality. Although they are related, it’s important to note that Tantra is not all about sex and for one to truly master Tantric sex, they should learn all they can about Tantra as a meditation technique.


All that said, if learned properly, Neotantra can allow couples to experience enhanced pleasure during sex as well as a deeper connection. That’s why we’ve come up with a few important beginner techniques that every couple should learn about, if not for the purely meditative benefits, then definitely for the benefits it can bring to the bedroom.


Extend Orgasms

Men never admit to being premature ejaculators, but just in case you’re a man that blows his load a bit too quickly, this technique can help hold out and even experience multiple orgasms. Rather than thinking of sex as a task with a goal, think of it as an experience that should be enjoyed moment to moment. Give and receive pleasure with simple gestures and words; even if it means leaving intercourse out of it. Spend a few weeks discovering what your partner finds most desirable and use your newly found techniques organically in the bedroom. You’ll soon find that this can lead to more pleasurable, pressure-free sex that can lead to extended, or even multiple orgasms.


Controlled Breathing

Most people don’t pay attention to the way they breathe during sex. However, breathing too quickly during sex can create arousal and lead to premature orgasms. Instead, try taking slow deep breaths and exhale gradually. You can even try matching your partners breathing pattern to make a deeper connection with your lover.


Explore Different Positions

Exploring different sexual positions is all about eliminating gender roles. In missionary position, the man is on top and the woman is on the bottom. Switching positions can help balance female and male