Armie Hammer Talks About Sex & Playboy

When an actor has a new movie coming out they are usually out promoting their film and talking about it. It seems that Armie Hammer rather talk about sex and Playboy instead of the normal stuff that all other celebrities tend to talk about. Hammer talks about a possible role in the infamous “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie as well as where he took his wife on their first date. It’s all about having fun on these interviews right? Well, we will see.

When it comes to Playboy Hammer knows it all too well, he states, “I almost got kicked out of eighth grade for selling Playboy. Me and this guy had a ring where we’d bring magazines packaged with a bottle of lotion to school and sell them to the kids for $20. Then I got called into a teacher’s office. He said, ‘I’ve heard you’re bringing in these nudie magazines.’ I said, ‘Nope, not me.’ He went, ‘So you wouldn’t mind if we checked your locker?’ Which he then went and did. We’d stashed the actual magazines in bushes by the school, but there was a ton of lotion in the locker. All he could say was, ‘Why do you have so much lotion?’ I said, ‘I get dry hands.’ They couldn’t prove I was selling the magazines, so I got away with it. Fun!”

Most people are waiting to see who gets to play Christian Grey and his lover in the film adaptation of the “Fifty Shades of Grey.” Hammer had this to say about it, “No one actually offered me the movie, but while I was working on ‘Long Ranger’ my agent brought it up, and I said, ‘Nope.’ I mean come on- it’s just mommy porn. I’m not going to sit on top of a laundry machine in spin cycle reading about putting a ball gag in someone’s mouth. That doesn’t do it for me.” Well, we all know that he is not a fan of the series of books.

Usually first dates are all about romance and getting to know someone. Well, Hammer had a nice adventurous date planned, but that got ruined when the weather ruined it he had to change it up. He reveals what their first date was, “My wife and I were supposed to go skeet shooting on our first date, but it started to rain so we ended up going to a bunch of art galleries and then a porno store instead.”

Hammer definitely sounds like a fun dude, but taking a woman to a porn store, really? That totally wouldn’t have gone good with other women!

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