7 Things To Never Do After A Fling

Every once in awhile most people will experience a fling or a one night stand, but there are rules of how to do it correctly. Most adults know not to expect a love connection to come out of a fling or one night stand. The point of having a fling is just to satisfy your sexual urges and then you move on. There is no reason to stay around or try to make a love connection out of nothing. For those who aren’t experts on how to deal with a fling there are some guidelines that you should know and there are definitely some things that you shouldn’t do after having a fling.

Do not stay around for the morning after.

If you happen to stay the night, because you were simply too exhausted to go home after your kinky sex, then it’s best just to wake up and leave. When doing this you don’t have to worry about any awkward conversations or experience the other person trying to make your one night stand into something that it isn’t. If you are able to leave right away, then that is truly the perfect way to end a fling. [Read more…]

6 Naughty Places To Have A Fling

When you have been with the same person for a long time you tend to get bored with having sex on the bed, couch, kitchen, bathroom, etc. You want to be able to explore other areas to have a quickie at or what not. Unfortunately, there are some couples that think their sex life is great and don’t mind participating in the same style all of the time because they don’t realize that sex, just like other things, need to have a bit of variation every once in awhile. This also goes for people who just want to get down and dirty in different places with their flings.

If you are a couple who is longing to bring back the passion and excitement of love making or a single person who is looking to make their sex life all that more exciting, then you need to get involved with a few naughty places to sex at.

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