5 Secrets About Men Sex Ed Didn’t Teach You

Did you know that a recent survey by the CDC indicates that by high school 47% of students say they’ve had sex? However, even though nearly half of all high school students are sexually active, only 22 states in the US are required to teach sex education. Of those states, only 19 require that the sex education courses be medically accurate. Well, we can’t speak to the accuracy of any of the information below but one thing is for sure, even if you did attend a sex education class, they didn’t teach you any of this.


They Hate Wearing Condoms

If you had the benefit of attending a sex education class, you probably got a crash course on the proper way to wear a condom. But they they ever bother to teach you about sizes and quality? Chances are that if a rubber feels uncomfortable, it’s for a good reason. Maybe it’s poor quality or too small but the rule of thumb is, it should always feel good.


They’re Shallow

On the short list of interests for the “every man” is women… or maybe not women as much as sex itself. Sex and beer. Sex, beer and cars. Wait I was going somewhere with this, I swear.


They Love Boobs

It doesn’t matter what anyone says, men love boobs. Did I mention that they’re shallow?




dick trophy

They Think with Their Penis

Did you ever hear that Chris Rock joke saying that men are only as faithful as his options? Yeah, that’s about right. Some married men may be the exception, but the women know who they are.

 Sex IS a Badge of Honor

At least for guys it is. There’s definitely a stigma against guys who are virgins; especially if they’re older than 18.

6 Sex Games To Get The Mood Going

There are times when you just don’t want go straight into having sex with your partner or a person of interest. You would like to play around with each other’s bodies for a bit. There are different forms of foreplay and one of those forms is participating in sex games. It all depends on what type of couple you are because there are sexy sex games and there are also raunchy sex games. The point of sex games is to get you aroused and get you in the mood for a night of being naughty. Below you will see a few different types of sex games and you will have to decide which type of sex games works best for you and your partner.

Sex game number one: Role Play

Role playing is the type of game where you and your partner will be able to act out as different people and this will help you fulfill certain types of sexual fantasies. You can either play a doctor and a nurse, a naughty school girl and a principal, a detective and a suspect or a horny housewife and a UPS delivery guy. Whatever you choose to be just make sure you have fun and you are comfortable.
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7 Things To Never Do After A Fling

Every once in awhile most people will experience a fling or a one night stand, but there are rules of how to do it correctly. Most adults know not to expect a love connection to come out of a fling or one night stand. The point of having a fling is just to satisfy your sexual urges and then you move on. There is no reason to stay around or try to make a love connection out of nothing. For those who aren’t experts on how to deal with a fling there are some guidelines that you should know and there are definitely some things that you shouldn’t do after having a fling.

Do not stay around for the morning after.

If you happen to stay the night, because you were simply too exhausted to go home after your kinky sex, then it’s best just to wake up and leave. When doing this you don’t have to worry about any awkward conversations or experience the other person trying to make your one night stand into something that it isn’t. If you are able to leave right away, then that is truly the perfect way to end a fling. [Read more…]

7 Alternatives To Porn That Will Turn You On

These days people are constantly looking to see what else they can find that will turn them on. Even though porn is a great option to choose there are a lot of people who are becoming quite bored with watching porn in efforts to be a aroused by watching others getting it on. In this world there are plenty of other options besides watching porn that will turn people on and get them in the mood. Most people tend to forget about other great options, but today were going to discuss those options right now.

1. Erotic novels: Reading erotic novels can definitely bring a person’s sexual imagination to life. This is a way for many people to explore their sexual fantasies and let go all of their sexual restraints. They will be able to enjoy a new and exciting way of being aroused and pleasured. People enjoy reading erotic novels because this is a way for them to place themselves into sexual situations that most likely not happen in their real life. When is a woman going to be a damsel in distress and having a knight in shining armor man coming to rescue her?

2. Tantric: This is a form of sexual meditation where it allows the person using Tantric to make their body and mind more aware of their sexual arousal. Tantric can be used between two people for more added pleasure and experience the ultimate orgasm with just using their minds. It can also be used with just one person which also allows this person to experience the best possible orgasm with just solely using their mind.

3. Massages: When a person is feeling stressed out the best possible way to relieve this stress is for them to get a massage. If a man or woman is receiving a sensual massage by someone who they are attracted to this could be a definite way for them to be turned on. What makes massages become an alternative to porn is because the person is having skin to skin contact with someone in a very sensual way. The movements of the lubricated hands going over certain body parts such as the back, legs or thighs; is quite a turn on for lots of people.

4. Working out/Yoga: It has been said that men are turned on by watching women workout. They love seeing a woman get hot and sweaty which allows them to envision how she will look while in bed. These are all of the things that gets a man really going when he watches different women workout. It also helps that the tight outfits and sports bras that these women wear while they workout.

5. Dancing: When two people meet in a club and their bodies are touching and grinding each other while their dancing can produce lots of increase in excitement regarding sex. They get excited about the raunchy moves that the person they are dancing with is making and they envision themselves having sex while mimicking some of those same moves.

6. Music: What gets people in the mood is the way a song sounds. It’s the way the artist’s voice comes through the speakers and the way the melody flows through the person’s ear and into their soul is what gets the person in the mood. Another reason why people are turned on by music is because of the lyrics; especially of the lyrics has something to do with sex.

7. Strip clubs: This is a very obvious alternative to actually watching porn, because people were attending strip clubs are able to the strippers up close and personal. There are a lot of people who enjoy sex, but they enjoy even more so watching someone half naked moving their bodies in a very sexual way.

These seven alternatives to porn are great and can easily be done for those who are looking for new ways of being turned on. If you find another alternative for getting turned on then you should definitely explore and embrace it. Life is all about having fun, getting it on and taking risks. You would never know what turns you on unless you try it out and experiment with lots of different methods. Remember, if you want a sure and fast way of getting horny, then continue watching porn, but if you want to try something extremely different, then you need to try out one of the seven alternatives mentioned.

5 Tips To Make Yourself More Attractive

In the dating world people are always making sure that they look good or trying to figure out what they need to change about themselves to get dates. This can be an exhausting process and can lead to unhealthy habits. There are some things that we cannot permanently change about ourselves; such as eye color, height, etc. Sure you can put on contacts and high heels, but you still cannot permanently change yourself.

There are some things that will automatically make you seem more attractive to the opposite sex and no you don’t have to do some extreme makeover. Here are the 5 Tips To Make Yourself More Attractive:

1. Posture: Good posture is definitely sexy and when you learn to stand up straight more while you are sitting or walking. People will notice you. Having great posture also gives that vibe that you have confidence and take pride in your appearance.

2. Good Clothing: You don’t have to buy expensive clothes to having good clothing. The most important thing is that you look neat and your clothes fit you well. Make sure that your clothes are maintained and ironed if need be. Take pride in yourself.

3. Personal Hygiene and Grooming: The most simplest actions such as showering daily, brushing your hair, brushing your teeth, and keeping your nails cleaned and trim; will automatically attract the opposite sex your way. People enjoy being around other people who looking fresh and smells great.

4. Physically Fit: You don’t have to be a weightlifter or a size 0 supermodel (which is not attractive by any means) but keeping up with your physical appearance is important. Try to work out three times a week and you will notice a difference in your appearance and the way you feel about yourself.

5. Good Attitude and Personality: If you already have a good attitude and personality you have won several people’s hearts already. This is one of the most attractive traits anyone can have. This means that you enjoy being positive, happy and in good spirits. Having a good attitude also shows your confidence level and good heart.

Remember, these five ways can be easily changed and worked on. All you need to do is take the time to practice and implement these ways into your everyday life. Once you are able to achieve that you will see a huge change in your dating life.

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