5 Things To Never Ask A Woman During Sex

Most men know that there are certain questions you never ask a woman; their age, weight, etc… But there are also questions you should never ask a woman during sex. Although certain question can blow your chances of getting blown in the first place, these are questions you should never ask a girl once you have her in the sack.

Who’s your daddy?
She knows who her daddy is, and it isn’t you. Besides being an outdated “saying”, nobody wants to be reminded about their parents during sex.

Do you like that?
If you’re in the middle of the act, this is a question you shouldn’t have to ask. Of course she likes it, if she didn’t, you probably wouldn’t be there.

Can you give me a BJ?
Some things are best left unsaid. A blowjob is one of those things. If it doesn’t happen organically, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen at all.

Are you okay?
Even if they won’t admit it, women want a “bad boy”. Although being concerned for your girl’s well-being is generally something they will appreciate, it’s not as endearing during sex.

Did you cum?
Especially if you’re with a new girl, this should be the #1 question to avoid. Some girls fake it, but if you have to ask, chances are that you’re not getting it done.

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4 Best Dirty Talk Words A Woman Can Say

Dirty Talk during sex is arousing and can be quite stimulating for both the man and woman. Most women are shy when it comes to this, but once she is comfortable and can utter these 4 Best Dirty Talk Words A Woman Can Say; she will have accomplish in getting her man super excited.
Here are the 4 Dirty Words:

1. Yes: Now it may not sound all that dirty, but you have to say it in a certain way that lets your man know that he is doing something right.

2. Ram That Cock In Me: Saying fuck me can get rather boring and is used so often. Especially since the work fuck is used for many different ways. Saying ram gives an automatic visual of something being rammed hard into another object.

3. Let Me Suck You Dry: This always gets a man going; especially if you say this after a long passionate kiss and begin heading down to give him a mind blowing blowjob. This should be said right before the sex.

4. My Pussy: Men love hearing women telling them to touch my pussy or teach my pussy a lesson.

When talking dirty make sure to sound natural and not . No one wants to have sex with someone who sounds like they are reading a script. Hope you all use these 4 Best Dirty Talk Words A Woman Can Say in your next sex venture.

Talking Dirty During Sex

Talking dirty before and during sex can be really powerful in the bedroom. Men are visual creatures, but they also like game commentary as well. As you are passionately kissing him, whisper in his about what you plan on doing to him once you take off his clothes. Men also like to hear about how wet they are making you.

Women need to have lots of foreplay before the actual fun begins. Tell her how much you want to please her and beg her to let you have what she has to offer you. You can also try opposite roles; take turn being submissive or dominant.

Men and women should both use their imagination when it comes to dirty talk and watch your partner writhe in pleasure!