Top 5 Outfit and Drink Combinations That Guys Love

Guys love girls and they sure love drinking. Moreover, guys love girls that can drink with them; Handle their liquor while keeping their composure and looking sexy. Getting hammered and keeping it together somehow is always such a turn on for dudes. In honor to us women who can drink like sailors and keep the hotness going through and through we’ve concocted a small list of top outfits and drinks that guys fancy in a girl.

  • #5. Tube tops & Margarita.

Guys have their radars on for this look. I mean, why not? It’s fresh, tropical and very sexy, therefore, promising…

  •  #4. Pencil Skirts, Preferably with Print and Whiskey as a Drink.

This is usually a strong willed girl who likes to knock down a few stiff drinks and get busy. Guys totally dig this. Though women like these sometimes come off as hard to talk to or just intimidating, either way, they are adored!

  • #3. Mini Skirt and a Seabreeze as a Drink.

Surely, guys are on the prowl for this look. What screams out “FUN” more than a mini skirt and a Seabreeze? Rock it, ladies!

  • #2. Little Black Dress & Martini as a Drink.

Sure it may sound cliche and in ways it very much is, but guys eat this up all the time. The fact of the matter is, that a “little black dress” is timeless and will always be in style and will always be super sexy especially attached to your martini as you gently pull the olive off the tooth pick with your teeth. It’s just hot!

  • #1. Skinny or Tight Jeans and a Beer as a Drink.

Yes“, this is guys number one favorite combination out of all 5 sexy outfit and drink combinations. Skinny or tight jeans just really work for any occasion. They’re comfortable and they’re sexy and while you chug back your beer in your hot pants, you look even more relaxed, sexy and approachable than other women that maybe took a couple of hours getting dressed to go out drinking…

All the above are on guys radars at bars, pubs and clubs. Which one would you say describes you best? Are you maybe considering switching your look or drink? Whatever the case, always be yourself and you’ll always be sexy and noticed no matter what your preference is. Rock your favorite look as you enjoy your fave drink and always drink safely. That’s all that really counts…

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Fun Relationship Boosters

We’re going to let you in on some dope and fun relationship boosters that you may or may not already know. However, if you don’t know you’re going to just love these cool little tips that will insure a healthy relationship. Naturally, being sexually compatible and being able to trust your partner is on top the list. But so many other little things that sometimes we can’t begin to imagine would make a big difference do. As the old saying goes, “it’s the little things that count.” Though here at Fling Blog we believe it’s a good a combination of the two.

Here are a few examples relationship boosters that can make the small things go as smoothly as I one would wish:

  • 1. Get in tuned with his Lingo!

While you might think that saying, “dude, bro, yo” is awful to the put of making you cringe, you should relax your shoulders and make a mental note that what’s really happening is that you language styles are beginning to match in turn strengthening the relationship. You feel me, bro?

  • -2. Expose the Freaky Gal in you.

Suppose, you’re into organizing your fridge by color or watching silly soap opera compulsively but you’ve been hiding it from your guy because it feels embarrassing. Well, it’s time to stop and let the corkiness and freakiness come to light, it will only demonstrate how truly comfortable you’re starting to feel around your guy.

  • -3. Gossip with your Guy!

You think he doesn’t like it? Well, he’s all about it! It just makes for some real nice light hearted interaction and fun. Talk about silly rumors in your circle of friends. Dish out on both good and not so good rumors circling mutual friends. Of course save the real good stuff for the girls. Anyway, when you gossip with each other, you’re building bond for it gives the sensation that you each have each other’s back.

  • -4. Spoil Him.

Spoil your guy with kisses, surprise him his favorite brewskies, get a him a cool t-shirt about something he totally digs. This will make him feel grateful for having such a thoughtful girl and he’ll become closer and even more enamored with you.

  • -5. Learn about his Goals.

Do you have a competitive guy? Or a guy that has simply set some goals up for himself as she feels they are suited for him and his “ideal” future. None are bad or good it’s all up to what you gather from the info.

So that about wraps it up…Seriously some of these sound real silly, but they work and they’re important and surely they will cause some kind of impact. Whether the out come is good or bad, don’t you want to know? Don’t you want to feel close and truly bonded with your guy? Well if that’s the case we just gave you a few, easy heads up that you can totally max out, but no over kills.

Tune into Fling Blog for updates on online dating, dating advice, Fling Contests and much more!


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