Congratulations to the #Fling500 Photo Contest Winners!

fling contest winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Fling500 Hottest Photo contest which ended on September 30 2014! All entries were super sexy and these were the Hottest Female, Hottest Male, and Hottest Couple determined by your votes! Each winning entry will recieve $500.00 . Keep a look out for the upcoming October Photo Contest.

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5 Simple Tips For Online Dating Beginners

Dating can sometimes feel like a job or some kind of mission due to endless disappointing and pointless dates. It is simply easier to date someone by getting to know as much information about them before actually going on a physical date. Are you wondering how are you supposed to do that? Well all you have to do is join an adult personals site and begin setting up your profile right away. It is easy, but can be challenging at times finding a date online. Here are some tips on how to set up your profile, send emails, and even how to deal with other online daters.

5 Simple Tips For Online Dating Beginners:

Tip #1: Set Up Your Profile. You will need to set up your profile with good, natural photo of yourself and a positive headline (if this applies to your profile) because these are the first two things that everyone will see. You will also need to be honest about yourself (description, photos, etc) and what you are what you are looking for on your profile.

Tip#2: Your First Message To Another Member. This first message you write to a potential date should be brief and very positive. If you can give a compliment to this person based on their picture such as “You have an amazing smile” or any other information on their profile then by all means do so. People love receiving compliments and you will show that you are a friendly and positive person.

Tip #3: Don’t Message More Than Twice. If you have been in contact with someone for some time now, but they haven’t messaged you back by all means send them a second message. Before you send this person a second message please give the person several days to response to your first message. You don’t want to automatically freak out and then end up looking desperate and a little loony to the person you are trying to get to know. This person might have by accident deleted your message and had no way of replying back since they did not remember your screen name or just has been busy. After you send that second message and the person still hasn’t written back simply move on.

Tip #4: Potential Dater Is Playing The Disappearing Act. If someone that you have been messaging for some time now all of the sudden disappears on you or doesn’t write back to you anymore can mean a couple of things; a) they’re not interested in you anymore or b) they just haven’t had the time to get back on the computer. Whatever the reason might be, try your best not to stress over this person and move on to someone who deserves your attention. What is meant to be will be.

Tip #5: Not Interested In Someone Who Messaged You. When you are an online dater you will encounter many people writing to you that you are not interested in. Don’t feel to talk to someone that you are not attracted too. You can do one of two things; send them a message saying “Thanks for the message, but I am not interested” or this might sound harsh but you don’t have to respond to that person. You don’t owe anyone an explanation.

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Tips On How To Make An Open Relationship/ Marriage Work

Many wonder if open marriages work and if having an open relationship will really make the connection between you and your partner stronger. Most that do decide that this is the lifestyle for them get a large amount of backlash from their friends, family, and others. The majority of people argues the point of it damaging the relationship and makes a mockery of marriage itself.

For those who have decided that they will have an open marriage believe that they don’t have to worry about cheating and lying in their relationship. They believe their marriage is a hundred percent honest, because at night they can come home at night and swap stories about who they had slept with. There is cheating and lying in this type of relationship; the lie is in what marriage is suppose to be about; which is two individuals become one and spent their lives together. Granted some marriages fall apart due to falling out of love and other issues.

If you think that you can handle your loved one sleeping around and being totally honest about it as well as you doing the same thing. Then by all means open marriage is something for you. Here are some Tips On How To Make An Open Relationship/ Marriage Work:

1. Be honest.
2. You cannot become jealous of who your partner sleeps with.
3. Always use protection.
4. Be sure to have regular STD testing.
5. Communication is key.
6. If you want out of the lifestyle make sure to express this to your partner.

If you truly value and respect yourself and your partner then open marriage is not for you. Those that are involved in open marriages often hide the fact that they are in one due to the ridicule that their children might endure. With that said if you hide something then most of the time it’s due to shame. Think about what is best for you. If you are comfortable with the lifestyle then go for it.

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