5 Things Everyone Should Know About The Penis

I think it’s safe to say that women want to know as little about the penis as possible. Mostly because, in comparison to men, women have to do very little to make a guy horny. However, just in case you’re a girl (or guy) that wants to know everything there is to know about the one-eyed monster every guy has a proper name for, here you go.


Vibrators Work on a Penis Too

Some men that have problems ejaculating are prescribed medical-grade vibrators, but experts agree that they aren’t much stronger than store-bought vibrators.


3 to 5 Erections Every Night

You read it right. Most men have between 3 and 5 erections every night. The erections usually occur during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phase of sleep.


Foreskin Funk

The foreskin has an inner surface that resembles the inside of your eyelid and it evolves from the same tissue as the clitoral hood. The moist environment may be the reason why men with foreskin have increased STD rates.


A Tale of Two Dicks

Diphallus is a medical condition in which a male is born with two penises. However, the condition is extremely rare and in most cases, neither organ functions properly.


Record Holder

Horst Schultz holds the record for the farthest ejaculation. He ejaculated over 18 feet. We feel sorry for whoever had to measure.

5 Things Everyone Should Know About The Clit

Deep down inside, every man wants to be considered a “pussy expert”. However, there are very few men out there that can actually hold that title. But if you aspire to become a professional on all things vagina related, this list is a great place to start.





Girls Can Get a “Stiffy”

Did you know that the Labia Minora contains erectile tissue that stiffens when a woman gets sexually aroused?  Did you know women have a Labia Minora?


The “Hood” has the most nerve endings.

The outer part of the vagina, near the opening, has the most vaginal nerve endings which makes more sensitive than the rest of the vagina.

The location of the G-Spot

Scientists believe that the G-Spot is an extension of the clitoris. However, the exact location of the G-Spot can vary from woman to woman while some women may not have one at all.


Good bacteria?

Up to 15 different types of bacteria can be found in the average vagina. They keep away the bad bacteria that can cause infections.


The funnest exercise

The pubococcygeus muscle is the main muscle in the pubic region. Working it out can make it easier to climax and it can also give a woman better “grip” during sex.


5 Pick Up Lines For Older Women

Of all the groups of women out there, more experienced women are probably one of the least likely to respond favorably to a ‘pick-up line.’ But that’s doesn’t mean the intentions behind pick-up lines are lost. Older women have been around long enough to smell a snake coming from a mile away, so if you are going to try a pick-up line, it’s got to be sweet, endearing and used as a tool to break the ice.

“Come home with me.”

Available older women operate on a sped-up timeline. They want lasting relationships but want to skip the prolonged dating phase. Once you’ve sensed an emotional stirring with an older woman, and you think she wants it to move forward too, skip the bull and get to the point.

“I feel a real connection with you.”

Older women are ultimately looking for the companionship they haven’t yet found. You can offer the potential for that relationship without promising much, but be careful. Making promises you won’t keep is a cruel thing to do to any woman.

“Your intelligence is attractive.”

An older woman has been around longer, and learned more. She will approach things with grace and poise, and will likely know a lot more than you about many things. Embrace this experience, it also likely transfers into the bedroom.

“I want to take care of you.”

It is possible it is she who will want to (or be most equipped to) take care of you. But it’s endearing to know that one of the things she’s obviously missing in life, perhaps the only thing she’s missing in life, is a man who takes care of her emotionally, and it might be you.

“I don’t care about age.”

It’s the elephant in the room, and likely something you’re both self-conscious about. It might behoove you to slyly mention that you’ve dated an older woman in the past, or have always been interested in older women. At any rate, make sure your attitude is consistent with your approach throughout your interaction, or she’ll see right through it.

The Weirdest Sex Laws In America

The United States has been known to have its fair share of strange laws. For example, did you know it’s illegal to wrestle a bear in Alabama? In New Orleans, it’s against the law to curse at a firefighter while they’re performing their duties. While in Oklahoma, it’s illegal to have a sleeping donkey in your bathtub after 7pm. In keeping with the tradition of strange laws, here is a list of weirdest sex laws in the United States.


The Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act in Alabama has criminalized the sale of sex toys. Selling or intent to sell a sex toy within state lines is punishable by a $10,000 fine or up to 1 year in prison.


Sleeping naked is illegal in Minnesota. It’s also against the law for a man to have intimate relations with a live fish; although it’s perfectly legal for a woman to do so.


In Connorsville, it’s illegal for a man to fire his gun while his female partner has an orgasm. What fun is sex without being able to shoot a gun?


In Bozeman, having sex in the front yard of a house is against the law if it’s after sundown, and if they’re nude.


They call Indiana the “Crossroads of America”. But did you know that it’s against the law to have oral sex within state lines? How un American (and downright crazy) is that?

The Five Most Exciting Places To Have A Fling

Sure the Mile High Club might seem exciting at first, but just wait until the two of you emerge to a line of grumpy full-bladdered patrons who all know perfectly well you were in there erecting her seat for the final ascent. So, here are a few spots where getting it on will be something to remember.


Take a Pleasure Cruise

The Staton Island Ferry might be, well, do-able but everyone knows New York authorities aren’t always forgiving when it comes to tomfoolery. In coastal towns, fishing or tour boat charters can often be picked up on sites like Groupon for very little cash. Just keep an eye out for those stray fishhooks.


Drop in on a Monumental Erection

You can certainly find enough privacy in one of the world’s most famous honeymoon destinations for a quickie. Explore her Grand Canyon, climb to the top of his Washington Monument, meet the seamen at Admiralty Island, get naked on the Las Vegas Strip, or get animalistic at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.


Get Yours Balls Off in the Rough

Eighteen holes gives you hours of opportunities to play with his wood or get down and dirty in her sand trap. In fact, the deeper the bunker, the better your chances of not getting caught — so choose a time of day when you won’t be disturbed by some speedy golfer playing through your hole-in-one. Been there, bagged that? Try a threesome.


Bang Out a Few Loads at the Laundromat

Perhaps it’s the foaming suds, or the gentle vibrating and rocking motion of the machines. Maybe it’s the vicinity of so many pieces of a stranger’s underwear. Or maybe it’s just the sheer amount of time you know you have to kill between the washer and dryer cycles. Whatever the reason, taking care of more than one load in the same night is always productive.


Going Down?

This one gets extra points for difficulty. Even the elevator in the world’s tallest building only takes several minutes, so you have to figure out how to stop it. Should be worth it though, bear in mind elevator sex with strangers also gets extra points for creativity — that is gonna’ have to be one helluva elevator pitch.