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6 Sex Games To Get The Mood Going

There are times when you just don’t want go straight into having sex with your partner or a person of interest. You would like to play around with each other’s bodies for a bit. There are different forms of foreplay and one of those forms is participating in sex games. It all depends on what type of couple you are because there are sexy sex games and there are also raunchy sex games. The point of sex games is to get you aroused and get you in the mood for a night of being naughty. Below you will see a few different types of sex games and you will have to decide which type of sex games works best for you and your partner.

Sex game number one: Role Play

Role playing is the type of game where you and your partner will be able to act out as different people and this will help you fulfill certain types of sexual fantasies. You can either play a doctor and a nurse, a naughty school girl and a principal, a detective and a suspect or a horny housewife and a UPS delivery guy. Whatever you choose to be just make sure you have fun and you are comfortable.
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7 Things To Never Do After A Fling

Every once in awhile most people will experience a fling or a one night stand, but there are rules of how to do it correctly. Most adults know not to expect a love connection to come out of a fling or one night stand. The point of having a fling is just to satisfy your sexual urges and then you move on. There is no reason to stay around or try to make a love connection out of nothing. For those who aren’t experts on how to deal with a fling there are some guidelines that you should know and there are definitely some things that you shouldn’t do after having a fling.

Do not stay around for the morning after.

If you happen to stay the night, because you were simply too exhausted to go home after your kinky sex, then it’s best just to wake up and leave. When doing this you don’t have to worry about any awkward conversations or experience the other person trying to make your one night stand into something that it isn’t. If you are able to leave right away, then that is truly the perfect way to end a fling. [Read more…]

How To Find A Fling On The Road

These days people are constantly on the road for business, events or vacations; but this shouldn’t stop them from having a great sex life. When a person is single and has the freedom to do whatever they please sexually there is a whole other door for them to venture in and that is called having flings. A fling is when two people are aware that their momentary relationship is purely based on sex. They are only in this type of relationship for the joys of no string attached sex. There are many ways to keep your sex life interesting while you are traveling and below you will be able to check out a few ways on finding a fling on the road.

Hotel Bar:

When a person is traveling due to business or simply for pleasure a great way to met a fling would be at the hotel bar or restaurant. There will be other men and women who are also single and traveling alone who would like some company as well. This is honestly one of the best ways to get down and dirty with a stranger, because they are more than aware that your late night fun is only a onetime thing. They are also 100% okay with that, which is always a good thing.

Go Out To Local Hangouts:

Another fantastic way to meet other singles is to go out on the town to the hottest spots for locals. If you can’t figure out where the hot spots are you can either Google it or ask a random stranger for some suggestions. Going out there in the town gives you the best chance of finding the type of person you are looking for to get it on with.


Most people network all the time to make business arrangements and transactions, so why not take this talent on the road with you. It doesn’t matter if you are making multiple trips to different cities or just traveling to one city; make sure that you see if the people you have connections with know of other people in those areas. Flings usually hook each other up with other people that they know are down for some adult fun.

Be Friendly:

When you are out and about make sure that you are talking about your travels wherever you go. This is a great way for you to share stories with strangers and see what stories they have for you. The friendlier you are to strangers the more willing they are to help you score big. It’s all about being interesting and knowing how to engage in conversation.

Be Approachable:

If you are approachable looking, then strangers will voluntarily come up to you to chit chat about things in their neck of the woods. This is especially true if you are hanging out at the hotel bar, local bar, local lounge etc. People enjoy going up to others to see where the rest of the night is going to take them. If locals know you are an out of towner, then they are even more so ready to let loose with you. This is because they know they won’t have to deal with any awkward moments of bumping into each other after night is over with. Make yourself look approachable by having a smile on your face, dressed to impress and a smooth personality.

Join Fling.Com and Make Connections:

If you are serious about meeting a fling or several flings on the road, then your best bet is to sign up for Fling.Com. This is the number one site for hook ups, one night stands and booty calls. Make sure to join a few weeks before your travels to insure a fling for every location you will be at during your business trip or vacation. Once you have a profile on the site you will be able to browse profiles by sexual preference, gender, age, location and much more. This advanced search feature will help you narrow down your preference in no time. Once your connections and plans are made all you need to do is to look forward to your exciting and well planned sex trip, oh I mean business trip.

If you follow these tips during your travels, then you will have no issue finding several flings to have some fun with. Remember that it is also important to practice safe sex and don’t give out any personal information to any of the flings that you experience. There is no need to do this since the main point of having a fling is to just enjoy the moment. Now what are you waiting for? Go plan your next out of town travels right now.

8 Foods You Shouldn’t Eat Before A Fling

When you first meet someone and you want to make sure that your appearance looks great from head to toe. Lets not forget that you have to also smelled good which includes your body odor and your breath. If you are either going on a date or you know you are planning on meeting someone at a club or bar make sure that you do not eat certain foods beforehand. If you make the mistake of eating these certain foods you could use a breath freshener or chew gum, but that only mask the smell and does not get rid of the odor. There are definitely some foods and ingredients that you should stay away from if you’re planning on getting it on with a fling tonight. Let’s take a look at what those are below.


This food makes your breath smell bad because of the sulfur compounds in it. When these sulfur compounds break down in your digestive system they cause a foul odor to develop. The smell lingers in your mouth and is easily made stronger when the person has to burp.


This vegetable also has smelly sulfur compounds just like garlic, which it tends to linger in your mouth for long periods of time. The sulfur compounds are even absorbed into your bloodstream for long periods of time, which means if you sweat you will release a smelly onion smell as well.


There is since little song that has been around for ages that goes a little something like “beans, beans more you eat the more you fart.” Beans are notorious for giving people lots of gas as well as smelly burps.


The high acidity level in this beverage is what causes a person to have bad breath. The sugars in the coffee as well can cause a very intense smell on your breath.


It really doesn’t matter how the eggs are cooked and prepared at the end of the day they will give you a rotten egg smell in a matter of time. Having a rotten egg smell in your breath is extremely horrible when you’re trying to talk to someone that you are interested in having sex with.


If you’re not familiar with this type of fish they are small very common salt water forage fish. These fishes come in a can that you are able to peel back and are most commonly eaten raw. Eating raw fish will obviously give you a fishy and rotten smell that will send people packing the other way when you try to talk to them.


Susie is a great meal for a date, but that is when you have been dating someone for a long period of time. If you are just about to meet someone new then this meal choice is not recommended. You cannot begin making out with someone new with a fishy smell in your mouth because this would definitely turn them off.

Strong Spices

It is never a good idea to eat a meal such as Indian or Mexican food because they contain extremely strong spices that have a very intense smell. When you talk to somebody for the first time or you’re trying to get it on with that person you don’t want this type of strong odor to get in the way of you having a good night.

All of these foods are great to eat when you are at home or when you are going out to eat with friends or family; basically on your own time. If you’re planning on having sex with a fling or going on a mock date with plans on having sex by the end of the night, then it is best to stay away from these types of foods. There is no reason why a food that causes a bad smell should get in the way of you having one hell of a sexy night, especially when it can be avoided in the first place. You definitely don’t want to be known as the guy or girl with the bad breath, because that could really hurt your sex and dating life. Make sure to stay any from these foods and ingredients. Remember, you can chew gum or use some type of breath freshener, but that will only cover the smell and not truly take it away.

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