Fling Tweet Photo Contests

If you’re not a full member of Fling.com, now you have the perfect opportunity to become a full, Gold Member of the best online dating service. With Fling Tweet Photo Contests this becomes a possibility. Let me tell you a tad about Fling Tweet’s latest photo contest.

Basically, all you have to do is follow Fling.Com on Twitter on @flingtweet. The most current photo contest just entails you to write or paint the words “I <3 Fling” on some kind of surface, whether it be your own body or a sign of sorts. Take a snap shot of your “I <3 Fling ” sign/poster attached to a sexy photo of yourself and submit it to @flingtweet. That’s about it in a nutshell.

The winner will receive $250 bucks and a free membership to Fling.Com. So come now all you gals that love Fling so much. Show us how much you really love Fling and you might just be the next lucky winner of Fling Tweet Photo Contests. Enter to win today!

Twitter Picture Contestant Pics

We have so many Fling members that have participated in the latest Fling-Twitter Photo Contest that we’re stoked as hell of the many contestant pics we’ve received, so we’ve decided to share a couple with you all to see if perhaps you become inspired just the same. First, let me tell you just a tad about this latest Fling- Twitter contest. It’s real simple, really…We want to know just how much all you “Flingers” really love Fling… [Read more…]

Fling Tweet Contest Pictures!

Are you a member of Fling.Com- the most bad ass, sexiest and interesting adult dating site? If so, how much do you just love Fling? We got thousands of devout members that were crazy to show us- literally, how much they just love Fling.Com and so our clever minds came up with a most definitely clever, witty and super sexy way to be shown just how much they truly love Fling. So we came up with a Fling Twitter Contest in which the users of Fling which follow us on Twitter entered a contest called: “I <3 Fling.”  [Read more…]