Florida Man Gets $650,000 From Strip Club After Lap Dance Injury

“Suki” is the name of a stripper who probably doesn’t work at the Cheetah Club in West Palm Beach anymore. That’s because, back in 2008, “Suki” poked Michael Ireland in the eye with her stripper heel. Not only was Ireland poked in the eye, but the heel punctured his eye socket and broke bones around the eye and nose. Attorneys for Michael Ireland say that their client has permanent double vision. The Cheetah Club decided to settle out of court late last week to avoid the possibility of paying more during the lawsuit in damages.

“When this case was first filed, many people criticized it simply because it occurred at a strip club,” said Michael Ireland’s attorney. “But we feel the $650,000 settlement goes to show that this was a serious case with serious injuries.”

Look for Michael Ireland at your local strip club. Make sure to ask him to buy you a lap dance.