5 Things He Wants To Hear In Bed

Some guys like talkers, some really, really don’t. If you’ve gotten away with a few random statements here and there, you likely have a man on your hands who wants to hear more. You’re in luck! Successfully talking during sex can be one of the most intimate, fun, and memorable experiences you can have. Try new things, and add a couple staple sex slogans, and you’re sure to keep him smiling.


What To Do

A guy might have mad chops in the bedroom, but that doesn’t mean he can’t use a pointer or three here and there. Every woman is different, and he wants you to be different, so tell him all of the out-of-the-ordinary things you want him to do, and see where it gets the two of you.



It might happen early in the sexual encounter or later, but it’s always hot to let him get a little rough with you. Tell him you want it harder, but make sure you make eye contact the whole time: it will be hotter for you both, and your facial expressions will be cues to pull back or go further still.


You’re Climaxing

Telling a guy you’re about have an orgasm is one of the hottest thing you can say during sex. Preface it with “Don’t stop.” Never fake it, however. Once you go down the When-Harry-Met-Sally café scene road, he’ll never try harder to actually get you there, and you’ll be relegated to an unsatisfying sex life for the duration of your relationship. Worse yet, if he finds out you faked it, you’ll lose his trust.


How Good He Feels

He wants to hear how big he is, how well he fills you up, how good he does you and how much you want to feel him cum. The list goes on, but it will be more exciting if you wing it. Be genuine, and try to avoid clichés.


A Religious Experience

Whether you’re yelling out “OH GOD!” or “OH Allah!” or ‘OH logic, evidence, and physical matter in a biological configuration!” never underestimate the satisfaction he will derive from giving you an orgasm so powerful that you’re calling out to the fates (or lack thereof).

5 Things She Wants You To Do In Bed

You might think you’re bringing your A-game to bed, but chances are, there’s room for improvement. Getting there might be most of the work, but if you ever want to get there again, consider a few desires most women have which cannot be ignored. She might not tell you, but there are things you need to get good at. Really good at.

Get Rough

One of the most popular secret desires women have is a little roughhousing. The nature of the male-female dynamic is that a women was built to be dominated, however dangerous that might seem at first. Just don’t go too far, and you’ll do just fine. Pull her hair a little, put your hands gently around her throat, or push her face into a pillow once in a while to see how far you can go.

Bondage & Control

Tying her up and blindfolding a person can be risky, but if done right, a little light bondage can be very rewarding. She might instantly hate it and tell you to stop. If that’s the case, stop immediately until you’ve gained a little more of her trust. If you find yourself getting a green light, just make sure you’re not cutting off any circulation. She either wants you to take control or give her control. Try them both until you figure out which works best.

Talk Dirty & Make Some Noise

Never underestimate the power of telling a woman the filthy things you want to do to her. She will feel wanted and you’ll end up enjoying it as much as she does. Start with more benign statements and get slowly dirtier to figure out where her boundaries are. If you generally don’t make noise when you climax, start grunting a little and see how excited she gets.

Give Oral

You knew it was coming — pun intended. If you’re not giving her oral at least a little each time you get into it, you’re getting lazy. If she says she doesn’t want it, or doesn’t like it, it’s possible you’re just not very good at it. Tell her you want to practice, and when you do, try every conceivable direction and style you can imagine until you get it right.


You might be shuddering right now, but the vast majority of women want to be held after. Like giving oral, there isn’t really any way around this, so stop trying. In fact, not holding her after is a major deal-breaker for a lot of women, so unless you’re hoping not to hear from her again, learn to love the post-coital cuddle.

5 Things He Wants You to Do In Bed

Men often have secret fantasies they want to share with you, but can’t. They’re mostly worried you’ll be offended, or think them weird or disrespectful. Some of these secret desires might actually be offensive, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? Taking a few little risks can open up a whole new world of intimacy and satisfaction.

Touch Yourself

Science tells us men are most aroused from visual cues, so touching yourself in front of him will get him going faster than anything. Pleasuring yourself during sex serves a dual purpose. It’s a huge turn-on for him, and will get you to climax faster.

Find His White Whale

Every man has a secret, strange turn-on. Some guys will go their whole lives without ever getting it in real life. For some, thankfully, this huge turn-on isn’t so unattainable. He might love it when you’re rough with his nipples. There might be a seriously sensitive spot down there that even the littlest stroke will excite. Ask him if you can spit in his mouth while you’re riding him, or venture a finger into a new region, and see where it takes you.

Get Bad

It might sound really intimidating to ask a guy, right in the middle of sex, to slap you across the face, but a serious spanking over his knee could be worth it in how turned on and empowered he will feel. Let him really go at it, you might be surprised how liberating the pain of a real spanking can be for you, too.


Don’t Kiss

It always seems a risky move to depersonalize sex, but if you’re in a caring, loving relationship, the risks are lessened by the fact that after, he will know it was all in good fun. Once in a while, tell him you don’t want to be kissed the whole time, you just want your body to be used for his pleasure. The tantric nature of the emotional restraint can be quite exhilarating, and it will force you to make serious eye contact, which can often be far more passionate than locking lips.


Talk Dirty

Once you realize a little of what he likes, it can be very hot to start talking dirty during sex. Start the statements off simply and mirror the pace of climax by gradually elevating how dirty and loud you get. You’ll be surprised how much you can literally control his orgasm with simply the pace and level of your dirty talk.

7 Sexual Fetishes You May Actually Like

Are you sexually aroused by a situation or physical object? If so, you may have a fetish. And although some people may be embarrassed to admit they have one, it should be incorporated into a healthy sexual relationship. Take Bronies for example, if you started dating one, you may have to dress up as a My Little Pony character but isn’t it all worth it in the name of love? Okay, maybe the Bronie thing isn’t for you bust just in case you’re searching for a new one, here is a list of fun fetishes we’re sure you’ll enjoy.


Makeup & Hairstyles

Applying some bright red lipstick, dark eyeshadow and a creating a funky hairstyle is one of the easiest ways to change your look. The idea is to create a look that’s dramatically different from your everyday appearance.


Lots of couples are into bondage. It can be as simple as getting some silk scarves and tying your partner’s hands to the headboard, or if you want to get really hardcore you can break out the handcuffs. Don’t forget the safe word.

Role Playing

Try meeting at a bar at different times and assign one another different roles to play. You can decide who will try to hit on whom or you can make the whole thing one big surprise.


This fetish can get out of control quickly. First, the woman gets a couple more earrings on each ear, then she gets a belly ring and before you know it she has a tongue ring with a matching clitoris ring.

Leather & Latex

It’s easy to see why people develop a fetish for leather, latex, vinyl, rubber and pretty much any other material that’s shiny and skin tight.


There’s nothing like the thrill of getting caught. Of course, you don’t want to get arrested over a fetish either. That’s why it’s so much fun to have sex in a car with slightly tinted windows while parked at a walmart, but not in the middle of the street..


CFNM stands for Clothed Female Nude Male. The woman gets dressed up, usually in sexy stilettos and a short skirt, while the man is totally naked. During CFNM play, it’s the man who is the submissive one and the woman calls all the shots.

5 Ways To Help Your Woman Climax

For guys, it’s easy to take orgasms for granted. After all, the only thing needed is a free hand and a few minutes. But for some girls, it’s not that simple. That’s why we’ve come up with a short list of ways that you can help your girl achieve the ever elusive climax.

Use Foreplay

Many women can achieve an orgasm on their own by master bating so why not help them out? She’ll be happy you’ll be able to observe her technique.

Perform Oral

Some women can’t have an orgasm through oral stimulation alone, but it can’t hurt to try.

Try Different Positions

Many women can’t achieve an orgasm unless they’re in a certain position, which, of course, tends to be their favorite. Make it your mission to find that position.


Switch Speeds & Angles

Whether it’s in a car or in the bedroom, guys usually like to go one speed – fast. Switch up your speed as well as the angle of your approach and she’ll find it to be a much better ride.


Use Toys

Sex toys don’t have to be a last resort. They can be fun anytime but what better excuse do you need to try them out than to help your girl have a faster, stronger orgasm?