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How Alexis Found Love After Hurricane Katrina

Alexis & Her BoyfriendAlexis & Her Boyfriend

My name is Alexis and I first discovered Fling when I moved here from Florida. See, I was attending college in New Orleans living a very normal life when I when the hurricane Katrina touched down. I lost everything and since I’m from Florida I moved back home. I started to become depressed because who wants to live back with their parents- that’s so hard! I took what money I had saved from my displacement money and moved to Atlanta all alone. My first year was so hard because I wasn’t in school yet and so it was difficult to have a social life. One day I was online and I saw ad for Fling.com.  Now I know most people wouldn’t just respond to an ad like this but I was hooked. I have been on Fling ever since and I have met so many people. So many characters! I met my boyfriend on here and we have been together ever since. This site has been my Facebook; I have told so many people about Fling I wish I could advertise or answer phones for them lol. I was such a faithful user that I was upgraded in my status so I could have even more fun. Thank you for make my 4 years on Fling a blast and each and every time the site is getting better and better.

Thanks Fling


Rupert Sanders & Kristen Stewart – Snow Isn’t That White

One unfaithful thought is all it takes to start the domino affect into a cheating relationship. That is all that is needed to throw everything away. By the looks of it, this is what happened to Rupert Sanders with Kristen Stewart.

Growing up, we are taught that when you plant a seed in the ground, and given enough water and sunlight and lets not forget the very much needed attention, it will grow to a beautiful plant. Well, imagine the same cycle happening to us as humans but our seeds are our thoughts and with one naughty or bad thought is all down hill from there.

It may seem harmless at first, i mean god did gave us eyes to look and admire things. Right? Right! but imagine this. You see this pretty girl at work and you have no desire to pursue her, you just think she’s pretty and leave it at that. Of course, you are a married man and like Rupert Sanders, you are married to a beautiful model. So, why stray, why water the plant if you have a beautiful, fruitful tree at home?

Well it doesn’t happen just like that, one thing leads to another and you stop using the head on your shoulders and start using the one on a stick. Not very smart as only one of those has an actual brain. So what happeneds next your a cheating man and you have to go apologize publicly to your family. How embarrassing is that?

Was it director Sanders original intention to cause corruption in his and Kristen’s relationship? No, not at all, or at least i dont think so. But you planted that seed, did all the right things or wrong things depending on who’s judging, and so it grew. As well as all know her, Bella Swan from the Twilight Saga just let someone stick his hands in her cookie jar. I dont know about Sanders, but i wouldn’t want the Cullen Clan (fans) after me. I just think this is really bad press for him and if am not mistaken, there are less fans for him and a lot more enemies.

Kristen was in a happily committed relationship for 3 years with our very own Edward Cullen, or realistically known, Robert Pattinson. She gave into the pressures of infidelity and broke her mans heart.

Moral of the story you ask, don’t plant that seed, dont water it, dont even look at it. Like The Secret says “We are like magnets, we attract what we put out in the universe”. you become AND attract what you think.”


Is there a soundtrack to your life? Adele always tells my story!

Have you ever heard a song while going through a breakup and realized that the song was basically written for you? Don’t you feel sometimes like every song that is played on the radio somehow applies to your very own past? Or at times it’s even addressing your present? How bizarre is it that we all share that experience! We can’t help but to feel that way sometimes, at least in my opinion. The worst part of it is that you only really pay attention to these songs when your heart is aching and has been broken. Only then does every song have a new and profound meaning. It’s like an epiphany where your feelings are finally put into words!  [Read more…]

You Caught Him Cheating & Forgave Him…

You’ve caught your man cheating and you forgave him. Well, congratulations on the first part of getting over an infidelity. However, prepare yourself for the second part of the forgiving process which is “forgetting.” This is much, much harder and very tricky. In fact, forgetting about the indiscretion is the hardest part, not many couples survive this. But you can be one of the surviving couples if you put things in perspective, kick your ego to the curve and begin to focus on what’s important.

Things you should be asking yourself:

  •  1) Is this guy really worth the heartache, headache and does he deserve to be forgiven?
  • 2) Are you at fault at all for his straying?
  •  3) Does he really love you and do you really love him?
  •  4) Will you ever be able to trust him again? 

You should be asking these questions and being brutally honest with yourself? If you know your guy is the cheating type and is clearly not ready to be with just one woman, why put yourself and him in an odd predicament, which will end in heart break, time and time again? Set him free and yourself while you’re at it. The pain will pass, but if you stay in a relationship that’s destined only for heart break then get use to the pain. ( I don’t think you really want to do that) There’s so many things to do and people to meet than hanging out with a dude that can’t commit. [Read more…]