Best Places To Meet Singles in Toronto

If you’re single and looking for love in Toronto, you are probably wondering where to find all the eligible singles in the city. It’s not always easy to meet people, and some singles in the city have started to feel like it’s a lost cause. Fear not, because we’ve compiled a list of some of the best places to meet single people in Toronto.

The Drake Hotel

Drake Hotel TorontoAmong the shops and galleries of Queen Street, this classic hotel seems to attract good-looking singles from all over the Toronto area. The top-notch food features farm-to-table eating, and the cocktails are both pricey and delicious. Somehow the combination manages to bring in a wide range of potential partners, so check out The Drake Hotel.


Toronto Transit

toronto ttc trainYou may not think of your commute as a place to meet people, but plenty of singles have met a match this way. You tend to see some of the same people on your commute every day, and sooner or later, this can lead to striking up a conversation. So don’t keep your nose buried in a book every day. This is a good opportunity, so look around and start noticing who else is there.



The Victory CafeVictory Cafe Toronto

Winter or summer, you can find some serious singles action happening at the Victory Cafe. During the summer, the outdoor patio is the place to be. In wintertime, the cozy bar inside is where people mingle. You’ll find plenty of singles hanging around by the fire, or in the little snug room, and firelight has been known to spark some romances. Visit their website for more info.

Grocery stores

It may sound like a cliché or an urban myth, but it really is possible to meet eligible singles at the grocery store. If you shop in the stores around Little Italy, Liberty Village, or the Yonge-Eglinton Centre, you’re sure to find a bunch of singles with their baskets, foraging for dinner options. Try striking up a conversation about organic green beans or the best frozen entrees.

Cameron House Toronto


The Cameron House

This is a gathering place for writers, musicians, and other artistic types. During the evening, the live music attracts the after-work crowd, who flock here to enjoy a pint and some entertainment. It’s a mixed scene with a lot of possibilities, so spend some time watching the crowd too, not just the show on stage. Check out who they have booked online, so you know what kind of atmosphere to expect.



The Bier Markt

Bier Markt TorontoThe motto here is “Beer is beautiful,” and you’ll find a range of beers to pair with the European brasserie style cuisine. You’ll also find a lot of singles who come here both for the beer and the crowd. On weeknights about 5pm, the Esplanade location has a sizable singles crowd. On a Saturday night, try the King West location for meeting other singles. Visit their website for other locations.


Missed Connections

This Craigslist section has a quirky following, but it really does work for some people. Scan the lists, and see if there’s somebody looking for you, or put up your own post for the lovely lady you see on your way home every day. If you’re a patient romantic, just make checking the listings here part of your normal routine, and who knows what could turn up?

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