Best Dating Apps to Help You Get Laid

Who needs to troll bars when there’s an app for that? Recent years have seen a burgeoning dating, or hook-up, geared app market. And, younger generations in love with their smartphones are using their smartphones to find love. OF course we recommend the App on iOS for all of your hook up needs ( especially since we verify people through membership which gets rid of scammers)  but here is a look at a few of the other options:


Bareye: The Social [Network] Lubricant

The days of the skeezy polyestered mustache guy slinking through a drink offer are as dead as disco. Bareye is a relatively new concoction that allows you to buy a drink for someone at a bar or restaurant without even meeting them. The socially inept among us might enjoy that she can drink till you’re cute — well, until the next morning.

Down To Fling
The iOS app is exactly that . True to its name it helps the user find bonafied Flings. Both genders on the app are smoking hot and equally DTF. There is a membership fee which is there to eliminate scammers and catfishing attempts. It also matched up couples looking for a third, groups, and swingers.


Tinder: Love (or Leftswipe) at First Sight

Burning question: What’s better than cruising a real life meat market? Cyberspace. Tinder navigates around the awkwardness of trying to avoid unattractive suitors. The app is connected to Facebook and shows you singles in your age range near you. Sure, it might seem superficial, but you are using an app to meet people, so casual shallowness is allowed.

Off With His Head

Let’s Date is another great app which builds booty call-ability based pretty much entirely on a headshot. The app sends a notification to someone when you click “Let’s Date” on their dater card, but doesn’t tell them it was you. If they also click “Let’s Date” on your card, then it’s a match, and the identities are revealed.


Bump and Grindr

Sorry ladies, but one of the best apps out there for meeting people is, well, out there. The world’s largest network of guys, Grindr is an app for gay men. The app uses GPS, to show you the men closest to you who are also on Grindr. You control how much of your info other users see, and any potential real life meetings are your call.


Meet Market

While MeetUp isnt just for the dating side of social networking – bonding over hobbies can lead to some serious pimp hand strength. Meetup introduces users to groups as varied as painters and parents, and techies and twerkers. Because you know the person shares at least one of the same interests, the intro comes with a built-in icebreaker topic.