5 Ways To Enhance Your Penis

austin powers penis pump

austin powers penis pump

No matter how large (or small) your penis is, if you’re like most men, chances are you’ve thought about ways to make it look bigger. Well, before countless pills flooded the market promising to add inches to your manhood, there were a few more “traditional” ways you could try and some length to your member.


Trim Your Man Bush

This is definitely the easiest method of all but that’s because you’re dealing with appearances instead of actual growth. If you have a huge man bush, doing some manscaping will surely make johnson seem a few inches longer.



This is a massage technique that focuses on the shaft. using lubrication, you form a circular grip with your thumb and pointer finger at the base of your penis. You then proceed to stretch your semi-erect penis upward until you reach the base of the head. Then, repeat… a couple of hundred times a day.


Penis Pumps

Experts agree that penis pumps do increase blood flow to the penis; making it easier to get an erection. However, it doesn’t necessarily make it permanently bigger.


Hanging Weights

This is one of the oldest penis enlargement techniques, and some people swear by it. A strap or rope is attached to one end of the penis and a weight hangs on the other end. The weight can be between 1/16 and ¼ pound. However, even studies that show it works agree that it usually reduces girth.


The Andropenis

We’ve saved the most sophisticated method for last. We’re sure the Andropenis got its name because it makes your penis look like one of R2-D2’s legs. Nevertheless, a number of sources claim that the device actually works, even though it does take extended use and may only increase your penis size by centimeters.