5 Exercises That Make Sex Better

Sure, there are a bunch of ways to make sex “better”. You can bring toys into the bedroom, have a threesome or even take a pill. But one of the simplest ways to improve your sex life is through exercise. Check out this list of exercises that will surely improve your performance the next time you jump in the sack.


One of the easiest ways to improve sex through exercise is by building your stamina through cardio. Whether it’s running, cycling or swimming, a good cardio workout equals endurance in the bedroom for men and women.


Kegel Exercises

Women can do this exercise by contracting and relaxing the pelvic muscles. It can lead to better/stronger orgasms for her and a tighter feel for him since it improves a woman’s vaginal grip.

Pelvic Thrusts (Tilts)

Besides helping with back pain, pelvic tilts and thrusts are exercises that target the muscles most often used during sex. This is another exercise that can help both men and women alike.


Having healthy levels of testosterone is important in both men and women. However, if you have low testosterone, you want to leave taking supplements and boosters as a last resort. Instead try doing some simple bicep curls. This helps increase your T levels naturally and it’s much healthier than any supplement.



Last but certainly not least, Yoga improves your breath control which is key when putting in long hours in the bedroom. But more importantly, it also increases your flexibility.

5 Masturbation Techniques You Need To Try (Woman)

Women are more picky about their masturbation techniques than men are. Let’s face it, women are more picky about most things. However, this is one area where you might want to stick to those high standards. Sure, your bare hand can always do the trick, but where is the fun in that? Where is the creativity? That’s why we’ve compiled a list of masturbation techniques that every woman should try at least once. When you find the one that works, you can stick with it. Or, you can go wild and try different methods when the mood strikes.


Incorporate a Vibrator

This is a no-brainer. Most women own a vibrator but if you’re one of the few that don’t, you should consider which one would be best for you. Whether it’s the Rabbit, the Hitachi Magic Wand or just a standard vibrator, one is sure to do the trick.


Use a Showerhead

Practical and handy, a detachable showerhead is the masturbation tool of choice for any girl who feels too embarrassed to own an actual sex toy.


The Glass Dildo

Most women agree that because of its firmness, glass dildos get the job done better than rubber ones. Plus, you can freeze the glass to get an incredible “arctic” experience that you can’t get with any other dildo.


Back Massagers

Without insertion and using the speeds progressively, rub the back massager around the outside of the vagina. Explore different areas until you find the right spot.


The Stop and Go Method

No matter what “tool” you use to get the job done, you can always incorporate the stop and go method. Right before you feel that you are about to climax, just stop for a few minutes and start again. Do this about 4 or 5 times to achieve one of the strongest orgasms ever.

5 Masturbation Techniques You Need To Try (Men)

For most people, even talking about masturbation is a taboo subject, but when you really start to think about it, it’s difficult to figure out why. After all, the benefits of masturbating as opposed to having sex are overwhelming. By pleasuring yourself you eliminate any chance of getting a sexually transmitted disease, there’s no chance of getting someone pregnant and there’s virtually no consequences. That’s why we’ve come up with this list of masturbation techniques that every man should try at least once.




The “Strange” Hand

Every guy knows about the stranger. They’re just too lazy to try it. If you’re right handed, use your left hand. If you’re left handed, use your right. You can also invert your grip to add even more “strange” to the action.


Dual Pillow Technique

This can be a messy, yet effective technique. Grab two pillows and place one on top of the other on a surface that’s the same height as your waistline. Insert your penis between the two and press down on the top pillow while you go to town (make sure to wash the pillows before you sleep on them).


The “Screwdriver”

This is one technique that you might want to break out the lube for, unless you want to get a serious case of road rash without the road. Simply twist your hand clockwise and counter clockwise as you masturbate. For maximum effectiveness, use alternate hands and speed.


Plastic Bag It

This method is a little out of left field but effective none the less. Grab a plastic bag and fill it with your favorite lubricant. Insert your penis and go to town. The best part about using this technique is that there is virtually no clean up necessary. Just toss the bag when you’re done.


The Banana Peel

If the plastic bag technique is out of left field, this one is out of the ballpark. The idea is that you peel a banana and use the peel to masturbate with. The inside of the peel is supposed to make for an incredible natural lubricant. Pro tip: you can still eat the banana.

 If you’ve gone through this list maybe its time to find a Fling.

5 Erogenous Zones You Should Be Paying Attention To On Your Man

Be it a white middle aged man from London or an African gay, all share the same erogenous zones. Study done by Bangor University and the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg have found that the most popular sexual arousal body zones were the genitals followed by lips, ears, inner thighs, and the shoulder blades and the feet taking last place. Its now clear that sexual arousal is controlled by the brain and not by sense of touch. Simply put, an erogenous zone is a part of the human body with heightened sensitivity. Stimulating these zones can arouse your partner faster than trying to stimulate other parts of the body. Explore your partner’s body and figure out what parts of their body are most sensitive to your touch. All that said, below is a list of typical erogenous zones that really can’t go wrong with.

Men are visual beings. Getting dressed up in a sexy outfit might be the fastest way to get your man’s blood pumping. Talking dirty is another way to get your man’s mind racing.

Whispering sexy things in your man’s ear, gently biting his ear lobes and licking him in that general area is an excellent way to manipulate this particular zone.

The sides and back of the neck are very sensitive areas for both men and women. Massaging and kissing the area around a man’s collarbone is a great way to get him excited.

For the most part, a man’s thighs are considered an erogenous zone mostly because of how close the area is to the genitals. Anticipation is a big part of sexual stimulation.

It should come as no surprise that the penis is one of the most erogenous zones on a man’s body. The question is, which part? Experts agree that the tip of the penis is one of the most sensitive parts, especially if he has foreskin.