6 Rules To Outdoor Sex

What does everyone enjoy doing during the summer? They like to get outdoors and enjoy nature. What goes perfectly with the outdoors? The answer to that question is sex. Outdoors sex is exciting, risky and darn right arousing. The risk of getting caught or seen by someone is what makes the sex that more interesting. The summer is almost over, so it’s best that you go on and fit as much outdoor sex you possibly can before the weather begins to get cooler.

Having outdoor sex is definitely fun, but you also should know about the 6 rules to outdoor sex as this will help your first time experience go a lot smoother. Continue reading to see all the things you need to know about having sex outdoors.

Become knowledgeable about the risks.

Basically, outdoor sex is a form of public sex, but at the end of the day you don’t want to get arrested because you wanted some nookie during the day. Make sure that you don’t have sex in any open places that you know that lots of people and families go through or hang out at. The excitement of getting caught should be slim to none, plus you don’t want to traumatize any children in the process of you getting some.
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5 Best Places To Have Sex In Public

Sex can get boring at times this is true, but there are so many different ways and ideas on how to improve it. Just by wearing a different lingerie piece or introducing a new sex toy can you greatly improve your sex life. You can also change up the places where you have sex at such as no more having sex on your bed or in your bathroom. Next time you want to have a good at it try having sex out in public. These are the 5 Best Places To Have Sex In Public:

1. At A Party: When you are out at a party with your man don’t forget to sneaky away to the bathroom or closet together and have a quickie. Just the thought of someone catching you both in the act is both thrilling and scary at the same time.

2. On Your Balcony or In Your Backyard: It is that time of year that the weather begins to change and you both might need to get out there for some fresh air, but you will need to keep each other a bit warm so why not get it on to get the heat going.

3. In A Restroom: You are in a club, restaurant or bar and you both are getting horny just talking about the naughty things you want to do to one another. Why wait? Take the action into the restroom and let your imagination loose.

4. Hood Of Your Car: People are always having sex in the car, but forget that they need to explore other areas such as the hood of the car. Ladies, jump up on and let your man slide his penis inside you for a much needed love making. You can do this in front of your house, your friend’s house or even the side of the road.

5. Against A Window/ Windows Uncovered: You are in your home or a hotel and you both are feeling a bit freaky, so why not open up the windows and have sex with the world watching. You can even get up against the window and let your lover take you from behind.

Whatever outside place you both decide on to experiment the goal is to have fun and be safe. Don’t do it anywhere that you might get arrested at or get in serious trouble. Live a little and experiment with sex as much as possible! Ladies, make sure you are on your top game when it comes to sucking on your man’s rod, so read up on How To Give Mind Blowing Blowjobs. Have fun!

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