5 Things She Wants You To Do In Bed

You might think you’re bringing your A-game to bed, but chances are, there’s room for improvement. Getting there might be most of the work, but if you ever want to get there again, consider a few desires most women have which cannot be ignored. She might not tell you, but there are things you need to get good at. Really good at.

Get Rough

One of the most popular secret desires women have is a little roughhousing. The nature of the male-female dynamic is that a women was built to be dominated, however dangerous that might seem at first. Just don’t go too far, and you’ll do just fine. Pull her hair a little, put your hands gently around her throat, or push her face into a pillow once in a while to see how far you can go.

Bondage & Control

Tying her up and blindfolding a person can be risky, but if done right, a little light bondage can be very rewarding. She might instantly hate it and tell you to stop. If that’s the case, stop immediately until you’ve gained a little more of her trust. If you find yourself getting a green light, just make sure you’re not cutting off any circulation. She either wants you to take control or give her control. Try them both until you figure out which works best.

Talk Dirty & Make Some Noise

Never underestimate the power of telling a woman the filthy things you want to do to her. She will feel wanted and you’ll end up enjoying it as much as she does. Start with more benign statements and get slowly dirtier to figure out where her boundaries are. If you generally don’t make noise when you climax, start grunting a little and see how excited she gets.

Give Oral

You knew it was coming — pun intended. If you’re not giving her oral at least a little each time you get into it, you’re getting lazy. If she says she doesn’t want it, or doesn’t like it, it’s possible you’re just not very good at it. Tell her you want to practice, and when you do, try every conceivable direction and style you can imagine until you get it right.


You might be shuddering right now, but the vast majority of women want to be held after. Like giving oral, there isn’t really any way around this, so stop trying. In fact, not holding her after is a major deal-breaker for a lot of women, so unless you’re hoping not to hear from her again, learn to love the post-coital cuddle.

5 Ways To Help Your Woman Climax

For guys, it’s easy to take orgasms for granted. After all, the only thing needed is a free hand and a few minutes. But for some girls, it’s not that simple. That’s why we’ve come up with a short list of ways that you can help your girl achieve the ever elusive climax.

Use Foreplay

Many women can achieve an orgasm on their own by master bating so why not help them out? She’ll be happy you’ll be able to observe her technique.

Perform Oral

Some women can’t have an orgasm through oral stimulation alone, but it can’t hurt to try.

Try Different Positions

Many women can’t achieve an orgasm unless they’re in a certain position, which, of course, tends to be their favorite. Make it your mission to find that position.


Switch Speeds & Angles

Whether it’s in a car or in the bedroom, guys usually like to go one speed – fast. Switch up your speed as well as the angle of your approach and she’ll find it to be a much better ride.


Use Toys

Sex toys don’t have to be a last resort. They can be fun anytime but what better excuse do you need to try them out than to help your girl have a faster, stronger orgasm?

5 Things Everyone Should Know About The Penis

I think it’s safe to say that women want to know as little about the penis as possible. Mostly because, in comparison to men, women have to do very little to make a guy horny. However, just in case you’re a girl (or guy) that wants to know everything there is to know about the one-eyed monster every guy has a proper name for, here you go.


Vibrators Work on a Penis Too

Some men that have problems ejaculating are prescribed medical-grade vibrators, but experts agree that they aren’t much stronger than store-bought vibrators.


3 to 5 Erections Every Night

You read it right. Most men have between 3 and 5 erections every night. The erections usually occur during the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phase of sleep.


Foreskin Funk

The foreskin has an inner surface that resembles the inside of your eyelid and it evolves from the same tissue as the clitoral hood. The moist environment may be the reason why men with foreskin have increased STD rates.


A Tale of Two Dicks

Diphallus is a medical condition in which a male is born with two penises. However, the condition is extremely rare and in most cases, neither organ functions properly.


Record Holder

Horst Schultz holds the record for the farthest ejaculation. He ejaculated over 18 feet. We feel sorry for whoever had to measure.

5 Pick Up Lines For Older Women

Of all the groups of women out there, more experienced women are probably one of the least likely to respond favorably to a ‘pick-up line.’ But that’s doesn’t mean the intentions behind pick-up lines are lost. Older women have been around long enough to smell a snake coming from a mile away, so if you are going to try a pick-up line, it’s got to be sweet, endearing and used as a tool to break the ice.

“Come home with me.”

Available older women operate on a sped-up timeline. They want lasting relationships but want to skip the prolonged dating phase. Once you’ve sensed an emotional stirring with an older woman, and you think she wants it to move forward too, skip the bull and get to the point.

“I feel a real connection with you.”

Older women are ultimately looking for the companionship they haven’t yet found. You can offer the potential for that relationship without promising much, but be careful. Making promises you won’t keep is a cruel thing to do to any woman.

“Your intelligence is attractive.”

An older woman has been around longer, and learned more. She will approach things with grace and poise, and will likely know a lot more than you about many things. Embrace this experience, it also likely transfers into the bedroom.

“I want to take care of you.”

It is possible it is she who will want to (or be most equipped to) take care of you. But it’s endearing to know that one of the things she’s obviously missing in life, perhaps the only thing she’s missing in life, is a man who takes care of her emotionally, and it might be you.

“I don’t care about age.”

It’s the elephant in the room, and likely something you’re both self-conscious about. It might behoove you to slyly mention that you’ve dated an older woman in the past, or have always been interested in older women. At any rate, make sure your attitude is consistent with your approach throughout your interaction, or she’ll see right through it.

3 Things To Know Before Dominating A Woman

Dominating a woman can be risky business. The action can go from zero to out-of-control in a heartbeat. That’s why there are certain things that men should always know about their partner before engaging in any hardcore domination techniques. The following is a pretty succinct checklist that any man should go through before proceeding to dominate his woman.

Ask Questions

Try to think about everything you want to try while dominating your girl and make sure she’s okay with it. The last thing you want to do is spoil the moment by stopping in the middle of everything to ask of your partner is comfortable with a certain form of domination.

Define Boundaries

Now that you’ve asked a bunch of questions, maybe you find out that your girl likes to be tied up and slapped lightly on her ass. Or, maybe she’s into more hardcore acts like choking, whipping, biting and scratching. You should already have a good idea of what she wants. Now you just have to figure out how far to take it.

Create a “Safe” Word

Even after you define your boundaries, there is still the possibility that things can get out of hand in the heat of the moment. If at anytime the act turns from pleasurable to painful, it’s important to have a safe word picked out in advance. That way, you can roleplay all you want and your girl can even pretend like something is hurting when it really isn’t, but once you hear that safe word, you know to put the action on hold