5 Kinky Sex Moves You Should Try

Sometimes when it comes to sex you need to try new things or revamp the moves that you already practice. Sex is suppose to be all about having fun and getting to know each other’s bodies in ways that lovers can only. There are times where pleasuring one another can become a tad bit boring and you will need to do something to spice it up. Ever since the book Fifty Shades of Grey hit the shelves every woman has been trying to take the sex scenes from the book and make them reality. If you are one of those women or you are simply a man trying to find ways of spicing things up then continue reading to see what you can do.

5 Kinky Sex Moves You Should Try:

1. Blindfold: Try blindfolding your partner and lead them to a spot in the house where you two haven’t had sex in before. The point is for you to be in total control and that your partner has no idea what is going on is what makes this experience extremely hot!

2. Role Play: Acting as someone else allows most people to let their inner freak shine through as they can express what they truly want sexually. Each time you role play give yourself a different character, name and background as this will help you to keep things interesting.

3. Chair Sex: This move is for the ladies to do and it requires you to have your man sit on a chair. Once he has a set you will begin stripping completely down and use your thong to tie his hands behind him. Now you can give him one hell of a lap dance and tease him with all of your sexiness that he cannot touch at the moment.

4. Dominate: This move is also for the ladies and if you don’t want to purchase all that leather and latex type of outfits you can simply wear thigh high boots. Once your man comes home from work all you have to do is push him up against the wall, tilt his head off to the side by gently pulling his hair, and whispering “You are going to do everything and anything that I tell you to do tonight.”

5. Be Dominated: Ladies, what you need to do is tell your man to pin you against the bed and then you playfully and flirty like do not allow him to get between your legs. After a bit either you allow him in or he is able to make his way inside.

All of these moves are extremely easy to do and you both will be loving your sex life all that more. If you are a guy looking to meet and have sex with chicks, but are lacking in the social skills, then you must read on How To Meet Women At Sex Parties.

10 Ways To Turn On A Man

Men are not very hard to figure out nor are they hard to turn on. There countless of ways to turn on a man but there are some that are definitely top notch when it comes to truly pleasuring them. It never hurts to learn about different ways to improve your sex life. That is a part of any relationship that has the potential to grow and get better over time. Take the time to read the 10 Ways To Turn On A Man and you might even become a sex expert.

Way #1: Take A Sensual Shower

Nothing like getting into the mode when you and your guy share a very sensual shower. You lather him up and he returns the favor. Don’t forget to look into each other’s eyes and simply take in all of the passion you both are experiencing at that moment.

Way #2: Touch Buttocks Area During Oral Sex

If you are giving oral sex to your man try giving a little massage to his butt cheeks. This will drive him crazy as this is an area on a man that is less likely to be touched.

Way #3: Be In Charge

Be in control while you are getting it on. Let him know what you want and how you want it. This is going to let him know that you are dominating him in the bedroom at the moment. You know what they say men like tough women.

Way #4: Jerk Him Off From Behind

This is quite simple and very sexy at the same time. All you have to do is come up from behind him and grip his cock. Your hand will be positioned in the same way as his hand would be when he stroke his little friend. Your hand will be touching his most sensitive parts and you can go straight to town with this handjob. Don’t forget to whisper sweet nothings into his ear and give kisses to his back, shoulders and neck areas.

Way #5: You Do All The Work

From time to time allow your guy to rest when it comes to sex activities. You need to be the one to do all of the work. Take off his pants, suck his cock and ride him until he bursts his load.

Way #6: Find New Places To Have Sex At

It’s time for you and your man to find new places to have sex at. It’s all about exploring new area where you both are comfortable and excited about becoming intimate in.

Way #7: Bring Out The Handcuffs Or Scarves

Show him who is boss by tying up his hands to the bed post and fuck him like you have never fucked anyone before.

Way #8: Take Out The Blindfolds

There is something extremely sexy about being blindfolded and not knowing where you are about to be touched, kissed or licked. This will drive your man crazy and you have full control on what goes down in the bedroom.

Way #9: Give Compliments

Let him know that you truly love all of the things that he does for you and to you. He needs to know that you are completely happy and satisfy with him. He will definitely appreciate it.

Way #10: Masturbate In Front Of Him

Take the time to play with yourself in front of your man, but let him know he can join in at any moment. If he chooses not too because he is so into watching you then you better give him one hell of a show. Lick your fingers and stuck them back inside of yourself. This will drive him insane.
Now that you know of the ways to turn your man on it is time that you know What Men Over 30 Years Old Want Sexually as they definitely want different things. It’s definitely not all bad news about getting older.

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5 Ways To Deal With Your Man’s Small Penis

There is this saying about how size doesn’t matter and it is all about how the man moves his penis. Well, sorry guys penis size does matter and it doesn’t matter how good your cock movements are it isn’t going to make a woman go “ooohhhh la la” in the bedroom. The good thing for guys is that there are ways a woman can make a man feel good about his small penis. The best part is just because a man has a small penis it doesn’t mean that he can’t still satisfy you in the bedroom in other ways. Here are 5 Ways To Deal With Your Man’s Small Penis:

1. You can still achieve orgasms and it is all about having your man give you an orgasm by oral pleasure or manual stimulation. Have him strengthen his foreplay skills and you will definitely be one happy lady as you will be able to achieve lots of orgasms. You might even forget that he has a small penis.

2. Finding the best positions for you to get the maximum pleasure is extremely important. Try positions such as reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, standing and doggystyle style. If your man can’t carry you and fuck you while standing up then try having him pull you to the edge of the bed and pleasure you that way.

3. As you woman you should be doing kegel exercises that will make your vagina become tighter. While you are having sex try to squeeze on his penis while he is thrusting inside of you. This will make him feel bigger while inside of you.

4. Let him know that you enjoy the way his penis feels inside of you and just show his penis some love. He most likely is more than aware of his small penis and by you letting him he appreciate and enjoy his cock.

5. If you are already become very wet when aroused do not use more lubrication during sex as it is not needed. The more lubricate used the less you are able to feel his penis inside of you. Using less lubrication will make him feel bigger inside of you.

If you are dealing with a man who has a small penis then make sure you try all of these suggestions first before deciding you can’t deal with it anymore. Sometimes you can highly be satisfy by a man who has a small penis just because he knows he has to step up his other sexual skills to make sure you are happy sexually. Take a look at What Men Over 30 Years Old Want Sexually and see what other things men are into after he turns 30 years old.


3 Best Ways To Forget About Your Ex

Usually, it is said that women are the ones who stress and become miserable over a break up. This is true, but men do the same as well. Breaking up is never easy and learning to cope with your feelings can take time, but it isn’t impossible. You need to think about your long term goals and not think about what makes you feel good at the moment, so don’t try to look for a rebound person. There are several different methods that someone can use to help them get over their ex.

3 Best Ways To Forget About Your Ex:

1. Make A List of Cons: Making a list of why you are better without this person can really help you visually see why you shouldn’t be depressed over the relationship ending. Expressing your feeling through writing is very theutic and will truly help you get your emotions on track. This will also help you realize your self-worth.

2. Stay Away From Triggers: Staying away from things that might trigger a memory of your ex rather it’s good or bad will help you not resurface any lingering feelings. If you have a certain wall art design that you both had once purchased, all you have to do is take it down for the meantime and when you are hundred percent over the relationship you can proudly put it right back up.

3. Distract Yourself: There are going to be moments when you are home alone that you might begin thinking about that person or have an urge to call them. If this occurs Do Not Do It! All you have to do is distract yourself with an activity for about thirty minutes and you will be back on track to forgetting this person. When these moments happen it can be very hard, but make sure you stay strong and continue with your day.

Now, that you are on your way to forgetting someone who wasn’t worth it. You can return to your old happy self and eventually you will find someone that you are meant to be. Or at least someone who will be treating you the way you deserve.

Are you thinking about a nontraditional marriage or relationship? Read up on Tips On How To Make An Open Relationship or Marriage Work.